HiJingo: The New High-Tech Bingo Experience Coming To The UK

Adam Breeden is a well-known name in the world of London entertainment venues and nightlife hospitality. He’s the brain behind massively successful venues including All Star Lanes, Bounce Ping Pong, Puttshack and Flight Club. Now though, Breeden, 42, is about to begin an entirely new venture: HiJingo.

In an interview with This Is Money, Adam revealed that HiJingo is a “super-tech rocket fuel concept” that aims to completely transform everything we know and love about bingo. Of course, we can’t blame him for wanting to get involved in the increasingly successful industry that is bingo. While it may have been on the brink of disappearing entirely as the 20th century came to an end, the game has made an incredible comeback over the past decade. 

The bingo renaissance began shortly after the internet became a household amenity. It wasn’t long before online bingo sites appeared on the likes of Netscape and Internet Explorer, and now twenty years later bingo is one of the most successful online gaming sectors in the world. Over at betting odds and bonuses comparison site Oddschecker alone, you’ll find nearly twenty prominent bingo brands, and that doesn’t even include the thousands of others that are gaining popularity all over the web. 

As online bingo attracted more and more players, new versions of live bingo began to pop up all around the UK. Sure, there are still some traditional-style bingo halls that you can visit, but the likes of Bongo’s Bingo and Rebel Bingo are encouraging far more people to get into bingo. In fact, Breeden is partnering with the creator of Rebel Bingo, James Gordon, to create his brand-new bingo experience. 

“The aim is to create a billion-pound business,” Breenan told This Is Money, and despite the clear decline of the retail and entertainment event industries, he’s sticking to his plan. It’s clear that Breenan is an optimistic fellow, and with so many successes in his portfolio, we can’t wait to see exactly what HiJingo is. Little is known about how the game will be “hi-tech” right now, but we will certainly be keeping an eye on it. Perhaps Breenan and Gordon will be working together to create a bingo night out complete with augmented or virtual reality? Unfortunately, for now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Of course, we’re interested in your predictions. What sort of high-tech plans do you think Breenan will be introducing to the world of live bingo? Let us know in the comments below.

Amy Richards
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