Gaming desks for Christmas

It won’t be long until Santa – the master of social distancing – climbs down chimneys the world over to eat cookies, drink milk, and deliver presents. If you are currently struggling for ideas, why not consider gaming desks for Christmas?

If your daughter is forever glued to the screen, or your husband whiles away the hours on the latest RPG, there are gaming desks to suit every need. Gaming desks complete the experience; a polished upgrade over the kitchen table, or the writing bureau currently propping up their precious hardware. Make no mistake, the avid gamer in your life will be ecstatic to swap that table for a purpose-built bit of kit.

So what are your options?

Well, you have a few. One option is to go professional. Professional gaming desks – as the name implies – are at the higher end of the gaming-desk spectrum: both in build quality, and in price. But you get what you pay for. What exactly do you pay for though?

Well, professional desks cater to the discerning gamer. These desks blend style, comfort and substance in eye-catching packages. The best examples bristle with connectivity options, are adorned with LED lights, and provide an effortless complement to any battle station. In this arena, professional is often synonymous with quality, which means your glass, titanium or steel gaming desk will not only look good, but will also stand the test of time.

If you balk at the idea of high-end gaming desks, there are a slew of budget-friendly options to consider. However, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean inferior, and there are plenty of valid reasons to take this path. The best options mimic the professional setups, but compromise in a few key areas: fewer connectivity ports, smaller profile, more modest in appearance.

The absence of bells and whistles found on professional desks might be perfect, though, if the gamer in your life is more concerned with what’s onscreen, as opposed to what’s underneath. In that case, the pared-back design of some budget gaming desks might be preferable to a professional desk.

If space is an issue, then a compact gaming desk will be the way to go. On the other hand, if space isn’t an issue, then there are extra-wide, extra-long, and even L-shaped gaming desks to consider, in a multitude of materials. Which material you choose will come down to preference, but rest assured there are fantastic options available whether you like wood, metal, or even glass.

As for children, kids are a well-represented demographic when it comes to gaming desks. Children’s gaming desks will often come in reduced sizes, which offsets any size-to-space issues. After all, what’s the point in having an extra-wide gaming desk for someone unable to utilise the entire space?

However, the best gaming desks for children might reduce the size to fit the purpose, but they will still maintain the overall feel of larger units built for adults, wherein ‘child’s version’ doesn’t mean ‘childish’.

As you can see, gaming desks run quite a spectrum: from small to large, budget-friendly to high-end, kids to adults, and quite a bit in between.

Be a savvy shopper. Compare prices, check reviews, and collect clues from the gamer in your life as to which setup they might prefer.

With any luck, Santa’s visit will be a complete success.

Claire James
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