Are snoods used more by men or women?

One of the most popular and widely used pieces of clothing now are snoods. These are scarf-like types of headgear which sit high up on the neck and can also be used as a hood if required. Snoods are usually made from wool, yarn or similar soft material and usually come with a fairly loose fit.

While they were traditionally something that women used to hold their hair in place (especially for religious reasons), more and more men have begun to use them over time as well. This has seen them become something of a unisex item now. Despite this, many people still wonder if snoods are worn more by men or by women.

Who uses snoods more – women or men?

If you look back in history, there is no doubt that snoods were something that women used mostly. In days gone by, they were an entirely practical item which women would use to fix their hair in certain styles or cover up with for certain religious reasons. Historical attitudes, therefore, saw this item of clothing as something that was designed solely for women to use.

This is no longer true though. Changing attitudes around gender and fashion in the modern age means that men and women both use snoods now. The old stigma around wearing such an item for men has been removed and this has meant more men have begun to wear them.

In addition, snoods have become more of a fashion accessory now – rather than being seen as a purely practical piece of clothing reserved for certain uses. These factors combined have seen snoods surge in popularity with men and women recently. As a result, it would seem that both genders are happy to use a snood – with neither particularly having the upper hand.

Snoods used for more things now

As noted above, snoods were traditionally used in the past for very specific reasons. This naturally affected who used them and how many people, in general, wore them. Over time though, the amount of things both men and women use a snood for has changed. This has seen more people across both genders wear snoods in increasing numbers.

Sport is a great example of this. If you look at any outdoor professional sport in the modern world, you will see players of both sexes wearing snoods when training in the cold outside. The business sector has also begun to use this item of clothing more often. Whether it is beard snoods for manufacturing operatives or traditional snoods for staff who work in cold environments, a lot of businesses now provide them to employees.

What benefits do snoods deliver?

One thing is for sure – neither men nor women would use a snood if they did not bring some great benefits. The benefits they do deliver is what has made them so popular with both sexes. On a personal level, snoods are a unisex item which means either sex can wear them without feeling uncomfortable. In addition, they look great and help to keep you warm if cold outside. They also come in a range of colours and designs so you can find one that compliments your wardrobe.

But what benefits do snoods have for business? As well as all of the above, you can order custom snoods with your branding on to boost your corporate image. Giving staff custom snoods is a fabulous way to get some free marketing, as they walk around too. Providing items like this to staff is also a great way to build loyalty and show you care about their well-being.

Snoods are ideal for men and women

To answer the original question, snoods are ideal for both men and women to use. This means that they are equally popular with both sexes now. Whether it is for keeping warm at work or adding some fun style to your wardrobe, they are a great choice.

Claire James
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