ScooTours Launches London’s First Guided E-Scooter Tours in Partnership with Dott

ScooTours and Dott, leading European micro-mobility operator, partners to Launch London’s Only Guided E-Scooter Tours
  • The new cultural and leisure activity will provide a socially-distanced, fun way to residents and visitors to explore and learn something new about the capital
  • Starting with two scenic routes every Wednesday – Sunday
  • ScooTours to design route and provide guided experience and Dott, one of the e-scooter companies chosen by TfL to operate in London will provide e-scooters for riders on the tour
ScooTours today announced that it will launch London’s only guided e-scooter tours in London, in partnership with Dott. Service will start with two routes, the City of London e-scooter & Hidden London e-scooter Tours where participants will explore the surrounding areas with a focus on local history, landmarks and secret sites of London. With this unique offering, ScooTours will provide a new way for novice and advanced riders to access e-scooters in a safe and fun environment and explore London
Key Features of E-Scooter Tours
  • E-Scooter Safety Demonstration
  • Riding Dott e-scooters
  • Use of Extensive London Cycling Infrastructure and Cycle SuperHighway
  • Exploration of London History and Culture
The first guided e-scooter tours will take place on Saturday, 10th and Sunday 11th of July and will cost £35.00 per person for a 120 minute session. Tickets will include guided tour (£25.00) and Dott e-scooter rental (No More than £10.00 through use of an exclusive 50% discount). The latter, participants will need to hire via Dott app which they can do through this Link, or directly through the Google Play and App Store. Participants will need to have a valid driving license at hand and be over 18 years of age to ride a Dott scooter. For more information on Guided E-Scooter Tours in London, visit ScooTours London
Of the partnership, Duncan Robertson, General Manager of Dott UK states: “ At Dott we see e-scooters as a great opportunity to support Covid recovery in London. By partnering with ScooTours to bring tourism opportunities to the capital we hope to help reignite this area and get people enjoying all that London has to offer”.
About ScooTours
ScooTours was originally started in London by local guides who wanted to showcase the city in a new and exciting way. Today, we offer tours throughout the country using a variety of micro-mobility vehicles, including non-electric Scooters, E-Bikes and E-Scooters. We are proud to offer unique experiences by merging the worlds of micro-mobility and guided tours. We still believe there is no better way to see the sights than gliding through the streets on two wheels!
About Dott
Dott is a micro-mobility European operator founded by Maxim Romain and Henri Moissinac. Dott‘s mission is to free our cities with clean rides for everyone. Dott currently operates over 30,000 e-scooters in 17 top cities in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK. In July 2020, Dott won two of the biggest micro mobility tenders in the world, ranking first both in Paris and in Lyon, followed by the London tender win which saw them launch e-scooters into the capital in June, 2021. Dott will be launching it’s e-bike in London later this summer.
At Dott, we have made environmental excellence a priority in our development. Dott’s unique approach is based on:
  • In-house operations since day one: Dott operates 100% of the service with its own local full-time employees, rather than relying on the gig economy or local contractors. This brings additional safety, reliability for the city, and much better overall user experience.
  • Careful deployment in each city. We launch one city at a time, working hand-in-hand with local authorities. We ensure all roll-outs are tailored to the individual needs of each city.
  • Sustainability: Dott works to reduce its carbon footprint thanks to:
    1. Custom-designed, long-lasting vehicles, 5-year lifetime, with proper maintenance
    2. Extremely efficient operations: we track and optimise everything
    3. We repair everything and recycle that which cannot be repaired
    4. We use a fleet of e-vans and e-cargo bikes for our operations
    5. We use renewable energy for recharging scooters and logistics fleet
With carbon offsetting, we achieved carbon neutrality in January 2019. In 2020, we have reduced our carbon footprint by 56%, compared to the previous year.
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Catherine Pearson
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