What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Being A Game Developer?

Due to the rising demand for indie game development, many people are currently focusing to choose this as a career option. Indie means ‘independent’ which refers to a game that is made either by a small team or one person.

So, those games which are made without financial support from a publisher are called indie games. This means that indie games do not involve a lot of budgets. Some of the most important aspects of this indie game development include flexibility to learn new things and a good plan.

If you are also focusing to be an indie game developer, then you should first gain a proper Understanding of its advantages and disadvantages. This is also applicable if you thinking to develop poker software for ignition or going to start your career in indie game development.

In the below-mentioned section, you will get to know about all the information which will help you to start your career in this field. Not only that but here are also mentioned some of the pros and cons of being a game developer which you should know about.

How To Start?

If you are an aspiring game developer, then you specifically have two options to start your career in this field. Either you can join a video game studio where you get the chance to work with a large team and receive an annual salary.

A lot of aspiring game developers choose this path as it is comparatively easy from the other available option. And the other option is to be an indie game developer.

Another important thing to consider is that you can also be an indie game developer while working in a company. But, most people do not know how to start their career as independent game developers.

The most interesting thing about this is that you can easily become an indie game developer whenever you want to.

Only important thing is to have some game development skills. So, you should start using those skills for creating a game either on your own or with a team of other game developers.

Therefore, anyone from students to working professions who are having game development skills can start their career as an indie developer.

Pros And Cons Of Being An Indie Game Developer


  • Flexibility And Professional Freedom

Whenever you choose to become an indie game developer, you specifically get the flexibility to work anytime and anywhere. This is considered to be the major reason, why a lot of people want to be an indie game developer.

So, you are getting professional freedom to show your creative skills. On the other hand, if you are working in a game development company, you will not get the flexibility to work on your schedule.

If you want to start your career independently, then starting your career as an indie game developer will be beneficial for you.


  • Tight Or No Funds

Even the small game development projects involve a lot of money. It is also considered to be time-consuming. Indie developers need to arrange funds for resources. Not only that, but they should find a way to cover their expenses like rent, food, etc.

As no one is paying out for game development and so, you may run out of cash. This is considered to be the main reason why you should always be well prepared before starting work on any game development project.


  • Boosting Your Skills

As most of the indie game teams consist of only one or two people and so, the chances are that each of the people gets the opportunity to handle multiple roles. This helps them to boost their skill sets.

Also, they get the opportunity to learn more about game development. So, you will have to handle multiple roles such as marketing, promotion, programming, etc.

This means that you will get valuable knowledge on diverse areas of game development such as coding, sound, storytelling, art, and a lot more while working as an indie game developer.


  • Lack Of Any Big Projects

Many of the dedicated and passionate indie developers have come up with the most innovative video game experiences. So, it cannot be said that small game projects cannot be good.

But, it is true that, as an indie developer, you will never get the opportunity to work on the biggest projects that are available in the industry.

Therefore, if you want to work on big projects, then being an indie game developer is not going to help you. In that case, you should consider working at a game studio. This will help to create huge titles with the help of which, you would be able to boost your career.


  • Developing Your Games

With the passing days, the gaming industry is becoming more and more competitive. So, the chances of getting jobs in a reputed game studio are less.

But, the great thing about being a game developer is that you get a lot of options besides doing a full-time job in a game studio. Among these, one of the great options is to be an indie game developer.

This thing has created many big opportunities for the developers with the help of which they can develop their own game. You can either work alone or work with a small team of indie developers.

Although this option may not be the most financially stable route to take, this option is much better than unemployment.


  • Poor Marketing And Lack Of Management

Being an indie game developer, you have a high chance of facing poor marketing and management. This is specifically due to the lack of experience and the limitation of funds.

Being an indie game developer, you can turn out to do poor marketing at the beginning. But, you will gradually learn about the marketing tactics that need to be followed. For this, you should understand what you are doing.

Otherwise, you will not be able to improve your performance. On the other hand, the lack of proper management will kill productivity and so, you should always be careful about what you are doing.


  • Credits

Almost everyone wants their name displayed after doing so much hard work in game development. So, when you are working as an Indie game developer, you can announce or display your name.

This is considered to be a major reason why several game developers are currently choosing to go for indie game development. Also, you will get the opportunity to develop any particular game from the scratch by implementing your ideas.


  • Lack Of Experience

Several indie game developers lack industry experience. So, they may sometimes face challenges to handle complex projects.

This also restricts them to gain various important skills that they could have learned while working with any big game studios. But, with some years of working experience, they gain the ability to handle complex projects as they gradually acquire specific skill sets.


  • Ability To Set New Industry Trends

Currently, indie game development is considered to be a major industry. This is because the game developers always have a huge possibility to get a unique idea that has never been used before.

As the number of developers is entering into this particular industry with their innovative ideas and so, the overall community can set new industry trends.

There are also huge opportunities for the company to excel and grow with the help of the innovative approach that they follow in game development.


  • Expectations And Time

Time is a major factor for any indie game development. This can be something that can either build or ruin any situation when it is expected to complete a specific project in a given time frame.

But, it becomes demotivating whenever nothing goes as per the plan. As a result, there are chances for frequently missing out on deadlines. This is one of the most common situations which is experienced by indie game developers.

As solo developers or small teams, they may fail to achieve the deadline with the increase of work pressure.

Final Words

So, it is evident from the above-mentioned section that indie game development is innovative and full of fun. Although, you can come across various hurdles while game development, you should always focus on sticking to your goals.

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Again, whether you wish to develop poker software for ignition or any other games, you should always understand the above-mentioned pros and cons of being an indie game developer.

Now, talking about, whether you should choose to become an indie game developer or join a game studio depends entirely on your individual choices.

Being an independent game developer, you get the opportunity and freedom to become creative. But, if you want to work with a big team of people and get an annual salary, then joining a game studio as a game developer would be a better option for you.

Andrew Mcaffrey
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