How Are Super Apps Like Gojek Benefited Through Hyperlocal Activities?

 The progress of every business entity is witnessed with its global expansion. The global village concept is never as successful as Utopia, and they don’t reflect on the culture or lifestyle yet have an evident business impact. The word ‘Hyper’ implies superlatives. Similarly, Hyperlocal business models have a tremendous global impact. 

Businesses that are concentrating on the local geographical tire have to expand their locality to have wider opportunities. Through multiservice apps like Gojek, every business is likely to boost irrespective of its niche. 

Let us discuss how business entrepreneurs benefited through hyper-local activities using Gojek Clone App 

Perks of Hyperlocal business

The consumer and the entrepreneur mutually benefit from the hyperlocal business services. By rendering their services to a broader local audience, the entrepreneur explores their business transparently. 

There are multiple advantages for a business is going hyperlocal. Listed below are a few benefits in taking your multiservice business to the hyperlocal community. 

  • Nurtures the Local

To prove the technology has deemed the lives of traditional and local trade, this is the right time to show how technological improvements have the upper hand in the local business. Through hyperlocal, business models serve to support these local businesses with technical advancements. Without any hype, this helps in normalizing the company within the geographical boundaries. And this digitally driven symbiosis plays a vital role in binding the consumers and producers that the consumer of product A will be the producer of product B. Thereby sufficiently sustaining the economic growth.

  • Transparent E-commerce 

These hyperlocal multiservice apps ensure to not charge any additional charges. The processes happening across the field are transparent and easily accessible. From placing orders to delivering or rendering, the service is carried out transparently. That easily binds the vendor and customer relationship.

  • Limited exposure

The hyperlocal business model concentrates on the interior location in and around the range of the service provider. As it is advised to stay indoors, none of them would attempt to risk their life. At this moment, focusing on the local audience, the limit exposure is reduced, thereby reducing the spread of the disease. Hyperlocal businesses are being exposed in the market as a strategy in the era of the new normal.

  • Economic deliveries 

As this new business model focuses on land trade, the vast amount spent on logistics is eliminated, retaining the business profit. Logistics doesn’t stop with international deliveries, but the chunk extends to the land warehouse, the other countries’ warehouse, etc. This drastically reduced the cost factor. However, it does not eliminate the entire expense.  

  • No middlemen 

The most common advantage of the Hyperlocal business model is that producers and consumers are directly involved in the trade, thereby eliminating the middleman or other agencies. This has a profound impact on cost reduction. 

The Jarring need for Multiservice app like Gojek

Conjoining your audience’s trust through the Hyperlocal business model and eventually drifting them apart through multi apps and platforms to avail their service doesn’t sound like a good idea. Multiple domains divide the attention of the user. 

To pile in the audience’s collective attention, it’s better to bring the services and facilities under one roof. From on-demand needs to home service and other delivery options can be conveniently amalgamated into a single app. 

In that order, have you ever thought of combining a super app with a hyper-local business model? If not, give it a try, and this has a massive demand in the market. 

From food delivery to e-commerce delivery, providing taxi-hailing services, home utility services, etc., bringing them all together will be an excellent business for the entrepreneur in terms of visibility and growth that directly contributes to increased revenue. 

On the other hand, a single app can conveniently handle all business activities effectively and efficiently responds to the business need. Moreover, this multiservice app helps in binding all the services under one app, reducing the mobile space and storage.

The United States of America reports spending $57.6billion on on-demand services. In comparison, the market value of these multi-service app’s share value is increasing from $461 billion to $935 billion in the upcoming years. And this is a self-explanatory statement that launching an on-demand service app is in no way going to be a loss but built into multiple revenue streaming services. 

Developing Gojek clones now is a Profitable business, and it also yields the hyperlocal business model into an excellent success for entrepreneurs to practice. 

Multiple Income generating Hyperlocal business model

It’s mandatory to implement suitable income models into your app to boost its revenue streams. Listed below are expected revenue streams for your multiservice app like Gojek to perish with its hyperlocal business model. 

  • Customer commission

Multiservice apps are so user-friendly that most customers prefer to use these apps. On that note of interest, they can be charged for the service rendered via the app. The app can set its users through a fixed percentage—this fixed-income account to its revenue. 

  • Delivery partner commission

In providing business to the delivery partners, the entrepreneur can charge a simple commission from them. A fixed amount can be drawn from delivery partners with no hefty charges to boost the app revenue. 

  • Business commission

As the app renders multiple services, for every sale, there can be a fixed percentage of commission for the app. Depending upon the service, the percentage of commission can be altered. 

  • Subscription Fee

Through premium subscription options, the users can be provided with additional features. This subscription fee can be collected on a monthly or quarterly, or yearly basis. With more subscriptions, the app gets to earn increased revenue and increase daily active users rate.

Final verdict

The hyperlocal business model helps in the growth of the business within the domestic stream. And for the present situations, this can be the best-suggested option to carry out and boost business growth. Developing a Gojek clone app, providing a multiservice facility with a white label solution and a compatible nature, helps boost the business’s performance. 

And finally, by correlating these two strategies in your multiservice business, there are accessible opportunities to boost the business revenue and business visibility among the local audience. This helps gain popularity among the inland trade, allowing the entrepreneur to approach the future avenue waiting in the international niche effectively. 

In terms of profitability, performance, and productivity, the hyperlocal business model is the best-suggested option to reboot your multiservice business through a nifty app like Gojek. 

Andrew Mcaffrey
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