How school bus tracking software can be a vantage for parents?

Earlier, people had time to accompany their children to and from school. These days, the fast-driven lifestyle makes life jammed with many chores and leaves us with no choice other than to opt for a school bus. But taking safety into consideration, people are having a hard time deciding whether or not to put their ward on a school bus.

Many people are so concerned about their ward if the school bus doesn’t arrive in time. All that stress and anxiety is due to the fatal accidents of school buses that occurred in the past. There has been an average of 26 school bus crashes with ten deaths each year since 2000; 25 percent of the victims were drivers, and 75 percent were passengers. Many innocent children’s lives are at risk due to the negligence of the drivers. It is high time for the school administration to take an effective step to track the movement of the school bus and ensure the safety of the children. 

GPS tracking has been in use for a while, but how effective is it? There is no system for monitoring, communicating with, and informing parents about the safety of children, and parents worry about their whereabouts. Developing a School bus tracking software with advanced technology and the best features can be calming for many stressed parents. 

How Does A School Bus Gps Tracking Software Work?

Before you develop a school bus tracking software, it is important to understand how the system works.


Parents can register with the required details of their ward upon successful install of the Smart school bus tracking software on a desktop or mobile phone. This is a quick and easy step that allows parents to access the app.

Arrival / departure update

Parents will be notified about the arrival and departure of the school bus once the bus leaves the school premises.


The software navigates the bus through the less traffic area, and real-time navigation will help the drivers to reach the destination quickly. The routes by which the bus is about to travel are also updated to the parents.

Live Tracking

Parents can track the whereabouts of the bus from anywhere. This relieves the anxiety of the parents allowing them to track their ward.

Push notifications

Consistent notification is sent to the parents when their children enter and exit the school bus. Thus the parents can be aware of every movement of their children.

Emergency alert

In case of any emergency, both the parents and school management get an immediate notification.

Benefits Of Developing A School Bus Gps Tracking Software By School Administration To Ensure The Safety Of Your Students 

  • Utilizing GPS-based vehicle tracking system technology to track vehicles in real-time via the web and mobile devices  
  • Using automated workflows, plan routes and schedules for buses to ensure reliable, safe transportation.
  • Find your student’s exact location with the Maps app, and figure out bus routes, pickup/dropoff times, destination information, etc., so that you can make reliable decisions.
  • Parents can view student’s and driver’s profiles and scan their ID cards and a fingerprint biometric system to verify hopping in and out information.
  • It is possible to track and manage absent students better using the smart school bus tracking software, and it will help resolve attendance issues by allowing you to track students in real-time.
  • In the end, parents receive information about the location of the bus and the well-being of their children, making them feel more secure, confident, and at ease.
  • When school administrators and parents need to know the exact location of students and drop them home safely, the bus tracking application can be a great tool in emergency situations.
  • With cutting-edge monitoring tools, drivers and students will remain informed via instant notifications about any vehicle breakdowns or maintenance.
  • To aid in information-driven decisions, generate various reports with information regarding updates to vehicles, fuel consumption, payments, speeding violations, bus routes, idle times, etc.
  • Routes, timings, and workload can be optimized to reduce fuel consumption and operating costs.
  • During field trips, the school administration and parents can track each movement of the bus until the trip is completed.
  • The school administration receives a speed alert when a driver exceeds the speed limit to take appropriate action immediately.

In summary,

It has thus finally been possible to ease the tension of parents via technology. Schools should hold these events to make parents feel safer about their children. School bus tracking systems based on IoT are likely to undergo further innovation in the next few years. The technology intervention is sure to calm down parents’ anxiety about the safety of their children. To build a school bus GPS tracking software that is likely to be the next trending and an essential tool. 

We can anticipate that all educational institutions will be implementing GPS tracking software in the near future, and it won’t be surprising if it becomes a requirement. With the growing demand for a Smart School Bus Tracking System on the market, now is the appropriate time to build a user-friendly app with advanced features and high scalability that benefits everyone. The school administration can ensure the safety of their students, parents can track their ward’s movement anytime, and you can elevate your business to the next level.

Thus it is a win-win situation for all. So don’t think much and develop the most productive smart bus tracking software right away.

Andrew Mcaffrey
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