The 44 Luckiest Nations around the World

Whether we believe it or not, the factor of luck always remains or happens with us at certain times in our lives. While getting lucky with hard work and constant dedication is a thing, being born as luckiest people is completely different. In the world’s massive population of 7 billion, there are lots of people who were lucky enough to be born in affluent nations. In this article, we will look at the list of those luckiest nations that provide such an advantageous lifestyle to their citizens.


1) Norway

With a population of 5.3 million and a small total area of 385,207 square kilometers, Norway is a beautiful country that is famous for its high GDP per capita, the standard of living, and the satisfaction of its people. The citizens are very happy, affluent, and satisfied.

It isn’t a population-dense country as the current population density is just 14 people per square kilometer. That suggests people have more space to live, earn, play, and do their everyday activities.


2) Denmark

Northern Europe consists of many magnificent Nordic countries, and Denmark is one of them. With more than 440 named islands, this country has Danish people more than other ethnicities while Christianity being a major religion.

The total GDP of Denmark in 2018 was more than $300billion while the per capita GDP found in this study was $59,840 which is still far more than that of many other countries around the globe.

The lifestyle of the Danish people is full of opulence, satisfaction, and community care thanks to its modern education system mostly governed by local municipalities.


3) Finland

Another gorgeous country in Northern Europe, Finland is located between Russia and Sweden. Most of its total 5.5million population speak Finnish. The country has a vast diversity when it comes to different ethnic groups. While most find their roots in Finland, you will find many Europeans, Asians, and Africans there.

The life of the people of Finland is slow but filled with contentment as the population density there is no more than 18 people per square kilometer. With a total GDP of $257 Billion, the per capita GDP is just over $50,000.


4) Luxembourg

Luxembourg is also known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This country doesn’t share its border with any sea lines and is all packed with the lands of different nations around it. It neighbors Belgium, France, and Germany. And, usually, when your neighboring countries are all very rich and cultured, yours would be as well. Even though there was a slight decline in the economy due to the COVID pandemic, the per capita GDP here is still one of the highest in the world at $117,610.


The information and metrics show how some nations have used their population, regulations, and immaculate systems to increase their wealth, the living standard of their citizens, as well as the happiness of their people.


Andrew Mcaffrey
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