Uni Blinds P System for Hospital

The Uni-Blinds P System is a Venetian blind that features a 12.5mm slat that is integrated into a double-glazed unit with a 20mm cavity which makes it a suitable blind system for installation in nearly all window frames. This article shall explore the benefits Uni Blinds P system brings to a hospital environment and how it operates.

Unique Style

The Uni Blinds Venetian integral blind offers a unique alternative to traditional shutter-style blinds and boasts a sleek compact design making it suitable for a healthcare environment. The Uni-Blinds P system differs from the other Venetian and Pleated blinds in the Uni blinds range as it comprises 12.5mm slats that have a 20mm cavity which allows the blinds to be tilted and they can be positioned either fully shut or open.

This unique style makes the Uni Blinds P system integral blind perfect for deployment across hospitals as it is highly likely that it will comply and be easily installed within any existing window frame. As the blind is cased within a double glazing unit this helps to protect the blind from any potential damage while still retaining its sleek professional style.

Benefits of Uni Blinds P System Blinds

As the blinds are cordless they can also be used within both vulnerable and children’s wards as there is no risk of choking or patients getting hurt. The blinds also boast hygienic properties as they are not exposed to the outside air which means that they will not transmit germs or viruses which is essential within a hospital environment in helping to maintain a sterile environment. As the only visible control is the external knob, the glass surface remains completely free and easy to clean. The P System can also be modified to incorporate a 16mm slat to allow it to be used with windows featuring a wider 24mm cavity.

The Uni blinds P system integral blinds are also easy to operate via the tilt-only function which is manually operated by an external knob on one side of the window. A specially designed corner key containing a rotational magnet is connected to the external knob by a flexible drive cable located within the glazing cavity of the window frame.


As well as being functional the Uni Blinds P System are also safe as they are coupled with fire-rated glass which complies with the requirements of fire doors. This is available to provide 30 to 120 minutes of integrity and insulation fire resistance. The safety features of these new blinds are a further reason why Uni Blinds P System integral blinds are suitable for use within a hospital environment as they will not contribute to a fire risk compared to other blinds or curtains.

Morley Glass has developed a specification in conjunction with Pyroguard which complies with the performance criteria set out in the EU 305/2011 Construction Products Regulation. This has been independently verified by TUV UK, a UKAS accredited third party testing house.

Andrew Mcaffrey
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