Hidden Costs of Buying a New Build Property in Manchester: What to Watch Out For

Manchester is seeing a boom in new construction due to its dynamic metropolitan environment and growing skyline. There is no denying the appeal of owning a recently constructed home in this energetic metropolis. Though these modern homes have numerous benefits, potential buyers should be aware that they could also have unanticipated costs. This blog will delve into the commonly missed costs linked to new developments in Manchester, providing valuable insights to aid you in making an informed choice. As part of the dynamic UK property market landscape, understanding these nuances becomes even more crucial for a well-rounded property investment strategy.

Understanding New Build Premiums:

The ‘new build premium’ is one of the first hidden expenses to take into account when examining new developments. When comparing newer properties to older ones in the same area and size, the former are frequently more expensive. The luxury of being the first occupant, the contemporary features, and the property itself all contribute to this premium. It’s crucial to consider whether these advantages, in light of your long-term investment, warrant the additional expense.

Transaction Costs and Fees:

There are many transaction charges associated with buying a new build that can quickly mount up. Legal fees, mortgage arrangement fees, and property assessment prices make up a small percentage of the potential costs. When investing in Manchester’s new projects, it’s critical to factor in these additional expenses since they could significantly affect your overall return.

Furniture and Decoration Costs:

Manchester’s new homes are frequently sold empty and may need extra money spent on furnishings and décor. New constructions are blank canvases, in contrast to older residences where the owners may have left fixtures or equipment behind. This feature, which permits individual customization but raises the overall cost, can be both a benefit and a drawback.

Service Charges and Ground Rent:

New developments in Manchester frequently come with service charges and ground rent, particularly in apartment complexes. These fees cover the maintenance of common areas, security, and other services. Grasping the significance of these recurring expenses is crucial, as they can be considerable and persist for the duration of your property ownership.

Potential for Future Development Costs:

Investing in a newly built property in Manchester also means being prepared for potential future development costs. As the property ages, maintenance and repair costs will inevitably arise. New homeowners should factor in these long-term costs, even if they seem distant at the time of purchase.

Warranty and Insurance Considerations:

Although warranties are sometimes provided for a specific period and cover structural flaws, it is important to know exactly what is and isn’t covered when purchasing a new build. Furthermore, because new building uses more advanced materials and technologies, it may cost more to obtain comprehensive home insurance.

Higher Utility Costs:

New developments, especially larger properties, can sometimes lead to higher utility costs. While modern buildings are often more energy-efficient, their larger sizes and advanced amenities like underfloor heating or high-tech security systems can result in higher utility bills.

Community Infrastructure Levy and Planning Fees:

In some cases, new developments in Manchester may be subject to a Community Infrastructure Levy or planning fees. These costs contribute to local infrastructure and services, adding an extra layer of expense to the purchase.

Resale Value Considerations:

Assessing the potential impact of the new build premium on future resale value. Understanding market trends and buyer preferences for newer versus older properties.

Customisation Expenses:

Exploring the costs associated with customising a new build to personal preferences. Balancing the desire for personalisation with the financial implications.


It might be thrilling to buy a new home in Manchester, but you should be aware of any potential hidden expenses. These elements, which range from the original new construction premium to continuing service fees and potential development expenditures, can have a big influence on your spending plan and investment approach. You can make sure that your ideal house in one of Manchester’s new projects is both a delight to live in and a smart investment by being aware of these hidden costs and making plans appropriately. Remember that knowledge is power, especially while navigating the many facets of the property market industry.

Catherine Pearson
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