The 5 Best VPN Services for 2018

Whether you’d like to add an additional layer of privacy to your web browsing or simply enjoy streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer while traveling, a good VPN can be a useful addition to your digital toolkit.

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, allow you to route your traffic through a private network of remote servers in different locations. This means that you can browse a website from the UK, for example, while showing the website an IP located in a completely different country.

As well as helping you access content that might not be available overseas, VPNS can provide an additional layer of privacy to protect you from security threats and help you avoid censorship in certain parts of the world.

Looking for the right VPN for your browsing habits? Below, we’ve ranked and reviewed five of the best VPN services available for 2018.


ExpressVPN consistently ranks at the top of VPN comparison lists, and for several reasons. It’s fast (making it ideal for streaming), extremely easy to use and allows for unlimited data transfer, making it perfect for both casual and power users.

It’s also highly secure, with 256-bit data encryption, making it a good option if you need to safely access your online banking, email or other sensitive data while abroad.

The only downside of ExpressVPN is that it’s quite expensive — at $6.67 per month, it costs two to three dollars more per month than most VPN services. However, when its speed and features are considered, ExpressVPN is still a good choice from a value for money perspective.

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Buffered VPN

Another fast option, Buffered provides excellent download and upload speeds. It also allows for peer-to-peer sharing (for applications such as BitTorrent), making it a good choice if you want to download large files from file sharing networks.

Buffered is based in Gibraltar and doesn’t keep usage logs, making it a completely private VPN service. It’s also highly secure, with full encryption for your data. At $6.60 per month, it’s around the same price as ExpressVPN, with a fairly similar feature set.

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At $3.29 per month, NordVPN is one of the best VPN services on the market from a value for money perspective.

Beyond its low price, NordVPN has several advantages. It’s comprehensive, with servers in more than 61 countries. It’s also extremely private, with full encryption. Add reliability into the mix and this is a good overall VPN service for most users.

The only downside of NordVPN is that it’s slightly slower than ExpressVPN and Buffered — a downside that most users aren’t likely to notice. All in all, a great option if you’re looking for a reliable VPN service at an affordable price.

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CyberGhost VPN

With more than 800 servers around the world, CyberGhost is one of the most comprehensive VPN services on the market. It’s also one of the cheapest, with a three year plan that offers up to 77% off the regular pricing.

CyberGhost is fast, making it ideal for streaming. It also allows for multiple usage on up to five devices at a time, provides complete privacy and comes with a desktop app that’s perfect for non-techies. For $2.90 per month (with a three-year contract) it’s also great value for money.

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Another affordable option, PrivateVPN offers access to more than 80 secure servers in upwards of 50 countries. This is a completely private, zero-logs VPN service that will keep your data safe, secure and protected from third parties.

User accounts are allowed up to six simultaneous connections, making PrivateVPN ideal if you have multiple computers, tablets or smartphones. Connection speeds are fast and encryption is excellent, making this a great option considering its affordable $3.60 per month pricing.

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