The currents trends in the Travel advertising sector

The travel advertising industry is very competitive today; different firms are coming up with different ways to advertise their agencies daily. Nonetheless, the industry is changing, new options and opportunities have emerged.  The marketing experts have come up with Travel advertising trends which are moving traveling marketing to more significant levels. Below is a detailed explanation of the latest Travel marketing trends.

Virtual reality Exploration

According to the research done in the travel industry, the virtual reality is about to become true.  The virtual reality is giving the travelers ability to visit destinations before they book virtually. However, every travel advertising firm should be able to differentiate the solid prospects and the heaps of hype of the virtual reality. In other words, the traveling companies, as well as the marketers, should leverage the new advertising technology mainly as a podium for relevant content instead of immersing fully on the multimedia channel which is more focused on visual more than the value.

Personalized Marketing via Big Data

A few years ago, big data were working amazingly for the travel marketers. Big data comprises large data sets which get scrutinized and processed to show the running consumer trends and patterns. This information offers marketers an excellent understanding of the human conduct and interactions which enables them to make wiser decisions. With more clients seeking more reliable contents, advertisers are investing more time and money in   Big Data analytics.  These data metrics ease the process of tracking clients from different platform and devices to enable modified marketing plans.

 Multi Marketing channels

For over the last five years, the number of people traveling for both business and leisure has dramatically increased.  This has in return raised the number of bookings carried away from brick-and-mortar localities to digital platforms. The research shows that travelers take about 53 days to visit 28 distinct websites for more than 76 online sessions. Besides, more than 50% of the traveler’s check social media sites for travel tips. In the next ten years, the experts in the travel industry predict that the space in digital travel would have prolonged.

Attraction Bookings Going Digital

Even though many hotels and agencies allows digital reservation, the convenience of online booking has begun extending the companies activities, activities as well as tours via different online distributors. Visitors can view local attraction and experiences through the internet. Due to the advancement of the digital world, the booking has been made very simple, you just require to click few buttons, and the entire process will be complete.

Greater Rewards for High-Spending Loyal Travelers

Due to digital advertising in the travel industry, some airline firms reward their frequent customer’s clients according to their prices and not the distance they fly’s. This is teaching customers that t loyalty can easily be acquired through cash.  As a result, the most frequent elite flyers enrolled in the loyalty program gets more rewards in for spending much. On the other hand, flyers who buy their tickets on exact price does not have to settle for lower rates. The legacy airlines are proposing a primary reduced option which offers cheap fares with no perks given to full-price flyers.

 More Travelers Going Green

Many customers have shown interests in eco-conscious tourism and biologically friendly presents. Therefore more hotels, resorts, and tourist attractions have started to adapt eco-responsible practices to attract more customers and also adequately meet the needs of their current customers.  Hotels or agencies which aren’t ready to change according to the needs of many travelers are not receiving more customers related to the ones which are changing with the change in the society.

In conclusion, all the above trends are now happening in traveling agencies and firms. If you are leading a travel advertising firm, you should stay conscious about them. Do not ignore them. It may lead to lower income or loss of some clients.

Elliot Preece
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