Mobile solutions that meet the demands of the modern workplace

Technology has greatly helped to reshape the workplace over the past decade, with the smartphone being no stranger in our professional lives. Mobile phones have become a staple for many employees, revolutionising the way we do business. In this new, digital workplace, employees can check in with work responsibilities at all hours of the day, regardless of their location.

Millennials and their expectation of easy access to fast communication and connectivity on demand, at any given moment, have influenced this shift from ‘tradition’. Mobile solutions meet the demands set in this modern workplace, opening up new opportunities for employees so that travelling business professionals can stay connected and work on the go, away from the office.

Mobile solutions are seen as essential by many Millennials, and whether or not a business provides their employees with such tools can make or break a young person’s decision to work for an organisation. Millennials want tools and devices that help them to become more efficient in their jobs, with reports highlighting that implementing smart devices means employees are more likely to take their work home with them.

Is your chosen solution truly serving your workers’ needs?

There is no denying the power of mobile devices and how they have improved efficiency in the workplace. If you’re going to supply mobile solutions to your employees, it must meet their expectations, so aligning your business mobile solution to their demands, as well as to your broader business needs, is key.

As long as their mobile device has a data connection, employees are able to do their work. However, reliable mobile coverage is crucial to staying connected and avoiding any disruption to day-to-day work. It is therefore important to select the right network provider with dependable data that ensures your employees can stay connected, wherever they may be.

When contemplating the mobile solutions available to your business, it is also important to consider their usability and flexibility. For instance, will employees still be able to make and receive calls in addition to sending texts and emails from their mobile? Cloud hosted solutions combine fixed and mobile telephony, allowing employees to remain available to make and receive calls to their business number. This gives employees freedom to work flexibly, without worrying about missing an important call.

The right mobile arrangements can make great results possible

Although your staff may seem tech-savvy enough already, it is important that the right support is in place for your mobile solution. Like their expectation of 24/7 connectivity, Millennials want quick resolutions to their problems, so it’s important that they also have access to 24/7 support. This ensures any issues or queries can be addressed quickly and smoothly, helping to minimise any disruption to your business.

It is also important to ensure the mobile solutions that you invest in are long-term ones that will meet the current and future technological and security needs of your business. This means looking for scalable solutions that can be integrated with other devices and allow for collaboration.

By aligning your business mobile solutions to the needs of your company and employees, your organisation can help itself to remain relevant in the modern workplace. Sophisticated mobile solutions provide many benefits such as flexibility, speedier communications, access to productivity-enhancing features and sufficient scalability to meet increased demand.

In addition to all of this, mobile solutions can provide business continuity so that, in the event of an emergency such as flooding, you can continue to operate. Integration with fixed-line infrastructure means communication can still continue, no matter the circumstances.

Claire James
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