11 Ways to Create a Great Corporate Video

For most business, creating a corporate video can be intimidating. Some of them do not have the resources and the budget to create or produce a corporate video. In a recent survey from Flimp Media and ReelSEO, there are two obstacles that keep businesses from creating video—time and money. The truth of the matter is that even with a modest budget, you can create engaging and high quality corporate videos that can help strengthen your relationships with current and prospective customers. Here are 11 ways you can create an engaging corporate video.

  1. Determine Your Purpose and focus on it

Corporate videos should not have the same purpose. It could either be for attracting new customers or getting new employees. Other corporate videos are for selling or promoting a product and others brand awareness. Adding customer testimonials will add some value to your company or product.

  1. Define (and then refine) your audience first.

After determining the goal of the video, the next step is to identify your target market. Effective marketing is all about positioning your product or service to the right audience.  Your video will not appeal to anyone but you should tailor it to a specific niche of your industry.

  1. Devise a plan

Once you already have determined the purpose of your video, make a plan on how you will implement it. Who will be the people who will create your video? How much budget would you allocate? What is your timeline? When creating a video, come up with a well-thought out plan, do not rush the video.   

  1. Create stories that will engage your audience

When creating a story that will support your video’s purpose, recognise that not all stories are created equal. Corporate videos will stir different emotions to your audience. It could make them laugh, sad, or emotional so choose the story that will create a strong connection with your audience.

  1. Stir the emotion of your customer

Effective corporate videos are those that can make your customers relate and connect to your product. It has to be able to convince your customer to make rational decisions. You can put all the facts and features in to the video but if the customers will not be able to connect to it emotionally, you are just waiting money on the video.

  1. Focus on the customer

Your customers will not care about the history of your company or its processes. What is more important to them is how you can solve their problems. Present your company as the solution through the video. Again, the customer should be able to relate to your video.

  1. Highlight on the intangible benefits

Corporate videos are more impactful when you are able to show them the intangible benefits of your product. For example, you will not sell a perfume because of its fragrance but more of the promise that comes with it.

  1. Production value matters

No one is expecting your corporate video to be as perfect as a Nike commercial or Hollywood movie. But it should not be low on quality as well. It should still have some audience impact. It is best that you hire a professional video editing company to do one for you. Nowadays, you can find one that is well within your budget.

  1. Share what you believe, not just what you do.

Getting the attention of your audience is just the first step. But within the video, you need to reveal more of yourself such as your beliefs, what is more important to you, and others. Before it did not matter but now it does.

  1. Get to the point

Customers have a short attention span so get to the meat of your video right away. They would want the information they are looking for in the soonest time possible. Limit your corporate video between a minute to a couple of minutes long.

  1. Get your video out

What good is your video if you do not share it to your audience?   Use your website, company blog, and email list for spreading your videos. You can also set up a YouTube channel if you want your video to become prominent in Google searches.

Claire James
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