Getting a new phone? Here are the top 5 apps to download

#1 Social Fever – essential for managing your connected time

Do you know how long you spend on your phone? Most people spend more than 4 hours a day on their device and if you feel like you’re addicted, this app can help you manage the time you devote to your phone more effectively.

With Social Fever, you can prioritize the quality time you spend with the people that matter most to you and reconnect with the real world by beating your smartphone addiction and managing your time more wisely.  

#2 AnyList – useful tool for being more efficient

To be more productive and better organized, creating to-do lists are essential. The simple act of writing down everything you need to do helps you to deal with it all.

AnyList is a great app to help you become more efficient and therefore more effective in your daily life. This app can be used to create any type of list – from grocery shopping to must-watch movies – that you can share with anyone.

#3 VSCO – best photo and editing app

As a photo-sharing app, Instagram is all about sharing pictures depicting the great moments of your life with your community. For those who are very active on Instagram, posting perfect pictures is essential, as people are often looking for images that inspire them.

VSCO is the best photography and editing app for Instagrammers, offering a huge range of features and an intuitive interface to create stunning photos that will inspire thousands.

#4 Investopedia – amazing financial knowledge hub

Financial literacy is vitally important in terms of managing your money more wisely. However, most people don’t really understand the basics of personal finance, the need to follow a budget, or how the financial system works. Consequently, most people make poor decisions regarding their financial affair.

Investopedia is a great app to help you better understand the importance of personal finance and investing, offering tons of handy hints and tips about the best ways to manage your money.

#5 Almahfaza – terrific trading platform

Among the many tips and tricks Investopedia mentions on its website, finding the right broker for your trading needs is an essential part of success. It’s important to choose a regulated, robust reliable and respected broker like Almahfaza.

Almahfaza is a CFD and Forex broker that allows its traders to invest in more than 300 assets in one place. This is a key advantage when it comes to diversifying your holdings in order to mitigate your risks. What’s more, Almahfaza app offers advanced, professional trading tools for traders who are ready to use more sophisticated strategies.

Claire James
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