Job opportunities after qualifying Master’s in Public Health

The demand for Public Health professionals is exponentially on the rise, which implies that landing a job in this field is safe, giving you abundant opportunities to choose from. Also, any topic in the Public Health area has a tendency to keep you guessing that makes this career path all the more exciting. Look through the following career options with master’s in public health, and decide for yourself!

  • Biosecurity Specialist − Biosecurity specialists work towards developing and implementing various safety measures related to biosecurity. They are experts at creating plans and developing new procedures to ensure that a population within a region, has a safety protocol to follow should a biological emergency occurs. On a typical day, these professionals perform important tasks when it comes to keeping the public safe from different public health hazards and emergencies.
  • Childbirth Health Educator − Childbirth health educators are public health specialist who guides and counsels expectant mothers regarding the process of giving birth and caring for a new-born. Their duties include instructional guidance for coping with labour and learning breathing techniques, as well as health concerns that may arise during pregnancy. These professionals are mostly hired by public clinics, hospitals, community centres and birthing facilities, where they engage in counselling mothers individually or hold group sessions. 
  • Chronic Disease Management Coordinator − the position of chronic disease management coordinator incorporates tasks within a clinical setting and as community outreach and education extensions. These individuals specialise in the nursing field, which allows them to apply their practical knowledge to develop care programs for chronic conditions. They typically deal with both the practical and administrative aspects of nursing, where they indulge in providing access to services for all patients who are in need of treatment and condition management.
  • Bioterrorism Researcher − Bioterrorism researcher is specifically trained in chemistry, biology, and allied scientific fields, who employ their skills to conduct research into bioterrorism and related sub-fields of study. Their knowledge expands a variety of areas within the field of bioterrorism with their ultimate purpose being to identify risk areas and working to improve the safety of the public. 
  • Chief Medical Officer − Chief Medical Officers are healthcare administrators whose primary responsibility is to oversee the effective management of medical centres. They are proficient at managing clinical operations and collaborating between the administration and medical staffs, to make sure that patients receive the highest standard of medical care.

Studying a master’s degree in Public Health will not only give you the opportunity to be well paid, but you get to impact the lives of millions of people through your work. If you want to achieve a sense of fulfilment from your profession, apply to the Master’s in Public Health programme today!

Claire James
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