Business Trends All Startups Should Think About Following

No matter what industry a startup might be in, it is undeniable that there are several trends that flood business spheres. It is incredibly important that entrepreneurs try to implement some of these trends into their business strategies where they can. Here are some such trends we have seen recently that any startup could use.

Viral Marketing

In the age of the internet, one of the leading trends that a brand could jump on is that of viral marketing. Millions of people have a social media account nowadays; sites like Twitter and Reddit can make things spread like wildfire if they are used correctly.

Many brands have already made use of viral marketing in the best possible way. They have created lasting, memorable ads that people turn to time and time again. Crafting a viral ad can be incredibly difficult, but it can also have massive impact for a brand’s social media if they manage to pull off a move correctly. Businesses should take a look at some of the most successful viral advertising campaigns that have been carried out so far to analyse why they were accepted so heartily by the general public. This should give them some insight into what they can do when creating their own viral ad.


Business leaders are now all about giving back. In an age where anyone can work hard to become a millionaire, successful entrepreneurs like Tej Kohli, Mario Batali, and Marc Benioff are making sure that they also give something back to their communities.

Many of the top business leaders have created a product or service that has changed lives in some way. They then make sure that they are putting in the work to make the world a better place as a whole. It is a noble stance to take and one that every new startup entrepreneur should consider emulating.


Climate change is a massive issue at the moment. Even an ordinary office can generate massive amounts of waste through paper, plastic and printer ink, and that is not even considering the carbon footprint and waste products generated by a manufacturing process.

As early as possible, all startups should think about trying to be as sustainable as possible. With some major corporations already well on their way to becoming carbon neutral, there is really no excuse for not seeing what a small business can achieve. Even something as simple as going paperless in the office might make all the difference.

There are some trends that are little more than fads, and there are others that are full business philosophies that should be adopted by all. It truly does not matter where your business operates from in both market and geographical position. There is always something that can be done to improve your business and make it that little bit better. The trends listed above are just three that all startups should consider when building their brand, but all three could bring them success in their own ways.

Claire James
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