Three Ways to Fix Your Phone during Coronavirus Lockdown

Got your mobile screen cracked? Don’t panic. None of us would like to suffer this type of situation during the Coronavirus pandemic. Accidents are part of life, and they are supposed to happen at unimaginary intervals. During this pandemic, you might be working from home and spending most of your time texting, making calls, and watching videos more than ever. What if your phone slides off the ledge when you’re making supper? Or maybe a scenario where your phone starts acting buggy. In these situations, you will generally pop up into a retail store, but the spread of Coronavirus retail stores, such as Apple stores, has been closed. In contrast, the highly popular brick and mortar shops have also been locked.


Fixing a broken iPhone


There is a list of authorized Apple service providers where you can fix your physically damaged phone by visiting their Support page. Sign in to your Apple ID and choose the device that is linked to your account.            


If you are facing issues like software or performance issues, then you can use the Apple Support app through which you will be able to talk to their employees. They will assist you in correcting the problem. Through this app, support representatives can quickly diagnose your phone and generate reports to guide you through potential fixes. 


It is recommended that you call the store before finalizing your appointment, due to COVID-19 numerous stores are closed, and some may have altered their visiting hours. In case, if you’re feeling uncomfortable going out, you can send your phone to Apple for servicing. Either you can opt for a third-party online repair shop where they will be providing doorstep services for picking and dropping your phone after the repair. 


Android phone repairs


Like Apple Store, Android devices don’t consist of a central location. You can ask or contact your phone maker to troubleshoot your issue. Most probably, those issues can be solved over a phone call. One such reputed Company is Mobile Online Repair, where you can repair all types of mobile phones in just a minimal time at an affordable cost. In certain areas, a tech person will come to your home and will fix your device. In case if the issue can’t be resolved, the person will carry your device at their location, will repair it, and will send you the device back to your address.


It’s most likely best to call any business precisely to affirm they’re open – mainly as more urban areas keep on closing down. 


Fix it yourself


If you’re comfortable repairing phones all by yourself, you can buy a repair kit from nearby stores. These are the kits that are equipped with several tools for replacing your screen, fixing the phone’s battery, or swapping one if required, and much more. 

There are a lot of videos that surface on YouTube and articles on Google, where they show detailed information on how to repair your phone in just a fraction of time. However, there is a risk of the part if something went wrong, you might end up buying a new screen if the current one gets damaged while fixing. 


While attempting to do our part to stop the coronavirus spread, there are a few myths you ought to know about. Furthermore, if you need to go out, utilize these prescribed procedures to guard yourself. Here’s the current information on coronavirus and your delivery packages.




Though there are numerous ways to fix your smartphone, choose the one that is convenient for you. Due to COVID-19, many repair stores have been closed and may take time for opening. In these times, you cannot depend on a single store to repair your mobile device. I would recommend you to opt for a trusted online repair shop that will fix your device instantly. Get a screen replacement cost from £39.99, Battery draining problems from £34.99, and Restore your water damaged phone at just £29.99. Mobile Online Store provides all these services at just an affordable cost.

Andrew Mcaffrey
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