Why same-day delivery is a necessity for the modern-day business

Whether we like it or not, consumers always look for the cheapest and quickest delivery option. One-day delivery, free delivery, quick delivery — they’re all great. But what about ordering your stuff in the morning, and getting it delivered in the afternoon? Now that’s really something. Same-day delivery is expected as a service by over half of online shoppers with many admitting they’ll pay even more for the option, and 65% of retailers plan to offer it to customers over the following years. Here, we’ll go through why it’s turned into a necessity and can be crucial to the success of your business.

Attracts a wider demographic

This is particularly true in the case of Gen Z (those aged 9-24), a generation that has grown up alongside the digital revolution. With smartphones, social media, and search engines, instant gratification and supreme convenience are at their fingertips. If a modern business wants to succeed, they need to cater to the new normal. Same-day delivery, for instance, is just one tool in their arsenal, but it’s a crucial one. Ignoring the evolution of delivery will leave your business behind regardless of how good your product is.

The impact of the global pandemic is said to have changed online shopping forever, with January 2021 online sales up 74% compared to the previous year. But there were strong signs that online shopping was slowly growing in prominence even prior to the pandemic, with 40% of Generation Z buying more than half of their clothing online. This is likely because online shopping is convenient. Customers can buy exactly what they want, when they want — something that isn’t always guaranteed in physical stores. Shoppers may face limited stock or, more disruptively, a physical store may not even exist. Gymshark is an example of a hugely successful ecommerce brand that is exclusively direct-to-consumer (DTC): they have a revenue of over £300 million a year yet don’t even have a single physical store.

All of this supports the case for same-day delivery becoming more important than ever. With a growing ecommerce market, the rise of DTC and a general swerve towards online shopping, you should strive to provide the best service for your customers. It would therefore be wise to invest in the only physical middle-man that connects you to your growing customer base: delivery.

Streamlines delivery services

Same-day delivery is actually safer and more reliable than other types of delivery. For example, if your package is delivered faster, there’s less time for it to get lost in transit. This is also the case for damaged items — the quicker a parcel is delivered, the lower the risk of breakages since there are fewer people handling it.

CitySprint, a UK-based courier service, states that same-day delivery is ideal for businesses that rely on “a time-critical service that is both easily traceable and secure”. In essence, having a courier capable of delivering products on the same day makes the whole business run smoother, having a ripple effect that reduces stress, improves productivity and increases the rate of orders moving through the door. And, because of the live tracking offered by courier companies, any delays can be quickly traced back to the identify the moment and location any parcels get delayed, relieving hassle and stress in the long-term.

Gives competitive edge

Since same-day delivery is not completely mainstream, there is still some novelty for the new customers. By jumping on same-day delivery as a relatively early adopter, you are gaining a blatant competitive edge over your business rivals. For example, if a customer is torn between your product or a competitor’s, they’ll likely be swayed towards the fastest delivery option. Adding this feature to your website can enable your business to stand out, even in the most saturated markets. This mild fascination won’t last long though, so while the novelty is there it’s worth making the most of it.

A speedy service also makes a business appear more credible and forward-thinking. E-commerce is a space where people crave assurance and reliability, and fast delivery reinforces this. The customer trusts you more and is, therefore, more likely to buy from you again. Even when they’re not in a rush to get the item, they will still appreciate the option.


Claire James
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