How to fill an outdoor planter with artificial flowers?

Many people dream of a beautiful garden with fresh live flowers, but not all people have such a territory or opportunities for growing plants. You can replace them with artificial types that will delight you with their beauty all year round. The modern flower market offers a large selection of these plants made from quality materials with sustainable and durable outdoor pots. It is safe and weatherproof to look natural in snow or rain.

6 steps to planting an artificial plant

The only problem is how to choose flower planters. More precisely, how to fill them without roots in artificial plants. This issue has already been resolved, so it will not be difficult even for a novice gardener. An important element of creating a stylish artificial arrangement on the street or in the yard is to make layers that will mimic the real process of planting a flower in the ground.

Step 1: Find a suitable outdoor plant pot

There is a large selection of amazing outdoor planters, you can choose from different size, material, shape, color and design. It is better to choose more stable materials that will be resistant to weather changes. It can be ceramics, fiberglass, plastic, and more. Now you need to make your pot more wind-resistant by placing heavy things (books, stones, etc.) on the bottom.

Step 2: Fill the planter with recycled materials

You have already added weight to your pot and it will be heavier and more stable. Now you need to fill in the empty space inside the planter. It can be any recycled material, even light weight. The ideal solution for filling voids can be paper, bags, cardboard, and so on. Filling the void is environmentally friendly and economical.

Step 3: Make the base of the pot using foam blocks

You are using artificial plants that also have moldings and stems. You need to protect them from breakage and other damage using a solid base for the bottom of the plant. Foam blocks are the best option because they hold the plant firmly in the pot. This material is placed on top of a layer with a recycled insert; it can be used outdoors and does not allow moisture to pass into the pot.

Step 4: Decorate the surface of the pot

Your plant should look natural, so hide the top layer of foam blocks. You can use leaves or decorative stones, but mulch is the best choice. You can buy this at any hardware store. Place some of this material on the foam block and spread your hands evenly to hide all the parts.

Step 5: Finishing operations

Now you can add some other plants to make the composition lusher. If you used a large pot then add some hanging elements. Artificial plant flower arrangements can be mixed very creatively. Flowers will not interfere with each other and you can combine any types.

Benefits of Artificial Plants

If you dream of lush flowers, but living types are expensive and problematic for you, then get more artificial plants. Now there are certain types that can also have a natural scent so you won’t feel the difference. Such plants remain green and beautiful for many years without the need for maintenance and watering. And this choice has other advantages:

● Saving a lot of money (on the ground, replanting, bait, changing the pot).

● You do not need certain knowledge (about haircuts, grooming, features).

● Saves you time because these plants do not need maintenance.

● An excellent choice for the office (because you can leave it without maintenance for a long time).

● Artificial types do not cause allergies.

Artificial plants can decorate your yard, terrace, porch or porch. You don’t need to waste time and money to keep your flowers beautiful and healthy. You can combine different types to make your garden more cozy and colorful

Amy Richards
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