You could make +50% ROI on your new LEGO Technic set this year

·       Ferrari F8 Tributo and 1960s Ford Mustang sets make +50% when sold new

·       The Ford F-150 Raptor is the only set to make money when used, earning +35% on RRP

·       The Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 and Bugatti Chiron are the best quality for construction

·       However, the Sian and Chiron make some of the biggest losses when sold

Manchester, 24th August 2021. New data finds LEGO lovers could make a swift +50 per cent ROI on their brand-new Ferrari F8 Tributo and 1960s Ford Mustang Technic sets.
When sold as new on eBay, Ferrari F8s make a decent £9 (from £17.99), while the Mustang sets fetch at extra £60 on their original £119.99 sale price, making them the most valuable LEGO Technic set for cash return.
Best value: ordered by best to resell new
The research by Vertu Motors also found the Ford F-150 Raptor offers +35 per cent on RRP when sold pre-owned. This is the only pre-owned LEGO set in the Technic collection to offer any ROI, suggesting a greater necessity for collectors to keep their sets boxed and in mint condition for the best return.
As only a few models have been issued so far, with the official release date on 1st October 2021, any current holders of the Raptor would only be able to make the best markup before that date, with pre-owned value crashing thereafter.
Best value: ordered by best to resell pre-owned

For those who are buying to maximise hands-on time, the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 and the Bugatti Chiron offer the best value for money in terms of construction hours.

Here it is clear where LEGO assign their pricing structure. The Sian has the most pieces of all the Technic sets with 3,696 total – and also the highest price tag of £349.99. Similarly, the Chiron has 3,599 pieces and costs £329.99, the 2nd most expensive set.
Best value: ordered by most hours of fun
Despite their high quality, their ROIs are also some of the lowest in our list. The Sian loses £140 when sold new and £185 when sold pre-owned; the Chiron loses £70 respectively when sold on reselling sites as new and £165 when sold used.
A Vertu Motors spokesperson commented:
“Whether for play or profit, LEGO Technic sets are incredible pieces of construction for both kids and adults. And as more Technic sets are added to the mix every year, they are fast becoming one of the biggest boons for collectors.
“Here at Vertu Motors we’re always inspired by their collection of the world’s best supercars, along with some of the most iconic (like the 1960s Ford Mustang) and the ‘wonderful everyday’ vehicles (Land Rover Defender) which you’re likely to spot on the road. 
“Analysing their markups is our way of admiring their stunning constructions and, when chosen correctly, coming away with substantial monetary gains!”
For further insights about Vertu Motors’ LEGO data, visit the Vertu blog.
Notes to editors 
Vertu Motors ranked LEGO’s car collectibles according to three categories: potential resale value (for both new and used sets), hours of fun and price difference vs real life models.
Potential resale value was evaluated based off the used and new prices on eBay’s Buy It Now (Most Relevant) top result for their respective searches. These prices did not include postage and packaging and all figures are correct as of July 2021.
Real car costs were converted from dollars to pounds where necessary.
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About Vertu Motors 
Vertu Motors is part of the Vertu Motors Group, which launched in 2006 and also trades under the names of Bristol Street Motors, Farnell Land Rover, Farnell Jaguar, Vertu Mercedes-Benz, Macklin Motors and Hereford Audi.
Dealerships are established nationwide, from Morpeth to Doncaster, where the world’s top manufacturers, including Honda, Volkswagen, Toyota and Kia, are available for purchase.
Andrew Mcaffrey
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