Club ties: Yes or no as we head into 2022?

A club tie features a crest, insignia or symbol to indicate the wearer’s membership to a specific organisation or group. For this reason, wearing a club tie often makes for a great talking point or icebreaker at a party or event. However, what are the latest thoughts and conversations surrounding club ties moving forward into the new year? Read on to learn about the history of club ties, how they relate to team dynamics and their role in helping combat racism.

What is the history of club ties?

The most interesting fact about club ties is that they were worn long before regular ties were even launched. With origins in England, many men used to wear silk cravats to highlight their membership to a gentlemen’s club or military regiment. Club ties experienced a major increase in popularity after World War 1, particularly in the US. It was from this point that club ties became known as a fashion statement as well as the reserve of professional organisations.

While there have been many different styles of club ties over the centuries in terms of pattern, width, type of knot and fabric, they still remain a staple men’s accessory, as well as a popular women’s accessory, especially in formalwear. The design of these caveats evolved over time to become the modern ties we see today. However, they can still be found in charities, schools, sports teams and gentlemen’s clubs across the world.

Types of club ties

From rugby and cricket to golf and football, there’s practically a club tie for almost every school, sports team and gentlemen’s club today. While the concept can come off as a little old-fashioned, the materials and designs don’t need to be. You can now buy club ties made from eco-friendly materials like recycled yarn. This allows you to save around two plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean or landfill. With hundreds of colours and printed designs to choose from too, the modern manufacturing process has opened doors for your team to wear their club ties with great pride.

Benefits of wearing club ties

Improve team dynamics

A major advantage in wearing club ties is the sense of comradery and morale they generate. When a group of individuals – be it in a work or school setting – wear the same type of clothing or accessories, they tend to feel part of a team, which helps instil and create a sense of pride and belonging.

Combat discrimination

On a serious note, wearing club ties provides a sense of uniformity and ensures everyone on a team feels valued and respected, irrespective of their background or social status. By wearing clue ties, sports teams and schools can help bring people from all walks of life together.

Mutual growth

When groups of people are wearing the same uniform or ties, they often feel a greater sense of responsibility for their peers and want to ensure everyone does well. This also creates a welcome and safe space, allowing the whole club or organisation to prosper and thrive.

Promote pride for the club or organisation

Wearing club ties can help instil a sense of responsibility and pride, encouraging team members to act as unofficial ‘brand ambassadors’ even outside the actual organisation or club.

Club ties are a huge yes for 2022! So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team for all your club ties today.

Claire James
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