Why Startups Need an Employee Monitoring Software


Running a startup business is a difficult way of making a living. During the early days of the startup business, it requires big efforts and long hours to assemble the necessities. They have to manage a lot, such as creating a good product or service to start seeding money to pay for staff, office space, inventory, etc. Now post pandemic many startups are running remotely, it has become even more difficult for the business owner to manage their employees remotely. 

Many startup owners are struggling to manage their remote team, completely unaware of the fact how their remote employees are working. But there is an easy solution for the problem, using software that can monitor remote employees will solve all your problems of tracking. As a startup business owner you may think you do not need such software for your small team. However monitoring software is suitable for businesses of all sizes especially those with remote workforce. Many employees consider that organization only monitors an employee when they do not trust that employee. However this is not the case when any organization installs monitoring equipment in their business. Rather, organizations know it’s impossible to know about employees’ work activity without monitoring software. It, therefore, makes more sense to use a remote employee monitoring software to optimize employee productivity. 

Employee monitoring software comes with numerous benefits and in this article we will be exploring the key reason why startups business need them.  

It Increases Employee Efficiency

Once your employees know they are being monitored it will have an automatic effect on their performance and behaviour. Employees will always be alert that management is keeping track of their activities and they will tend to perform better and will be less distracted in their work. Once an employee works sincerely and efficiently, their overall productivity improves and brings better results for the business. 

As a business owner or manager, it also helps you to  deal with the most relevant issues immediately. With the use of monitoring software you are able to get real-time data of employees’ work activity and thus you can make the right decision depending on the situation to save time and money in solving business problems, and you are able to increase the yield of the business as a whole.

Helps To Improve Production Rates

The performance of an employee has a significant impact on the growth of your business as a whole. Various case studies have shown how companies could increase the productivity rate upon installing the software. By using monitoring software you will be able to watch them from a remote distance and know what they are doing while they are working. The software lets you also find out, if any employee is using unnecessary time online doing things that are not useful to the company, then you can ask for an explanation from him for the time wastage. The overall process will help you figure out ways in which you can come up with ideas to make your employees more productive. 

It Works as a Safety Measure

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, employees may break safety regulations, most of the time breaches come from the inside. Even tech giant companies like Uber and Yahoo were not immune. By using an employee monitoring software you will be able to track the activities of your employees, check their web usage- meaning you will be aware of any malicious threat that comes along.  There is also a legal benefit of using the software when an employee breaks the company privacy rule you can take legal action against him. You will have visual documents like saved screenshot or other records as evidence and take proper action.  

Improving Employee-Employer Relationships

If you want to improve the relationship you have with your employees in the office, you can note down the mistakes that are being committed by employees and, rather than point them out immediately.

The habit of pouncing on an erroneous employee may inspire fear and clumsiness, as that employee becomes self-conscious and anxious about committing mistakes. That can lower his productivity and may even foster resentment in the employees towards their supervisors.

Final Thoughts and Tips

Implementation of employee tracking tools could backfire if you do not conduct it correctly. Your employees might see it as intrusive, or unnecessary.

However, if you take your time and explain every benefit of this tool, your team members will surely get on board with it.

Workers’ monitoring also raises some moral and ethical questions, and it is fine to track your team as long as they were informed and gave their consent for that activity.

Additionally, you need to clearly define work and non-work related tasks, emails, calls, and websites to make sure you are only tracking those activities which are related to your company.

Be mindful though, as not all companies have the same privacy and monitoring laws. We definitely recommend you reach out to your lawyers before purchasing the software.

To ensure you keep your employees’ privacy intact, make sure only necessary people have access to their activity reports. Also, keep in mind that those people should be highly trained in data protection.

Since there are many employee monitoring tools available, we would recommend you look the one that contains the most necessary options, such as:

  • Time tracking with proof of work 
  • Remote worker’s screenshots 

Most tools also include some advanced features like app integration, customization, and so on. But those really depend on what kind of organization you are leading.

In any case, we do recommend that you perform thorough research before settling down for one of the software options.

Andrew Mcaffrey
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