Do You Need a Storage Unit in Brighton?

If you live in Brighton, UK, most likely you will notice that some people are in dire need of renting a storage unit within Brighton. Some storage unit renters are students who are living far away from their parents’ homes while attending university. These people may have brought along quite a lot of stuff from home so they have to find a secure space to stash them in.

Others might be workers who are relocating from their previous homes to be closer to their work location. And then there are some who just have too much stuff for their current residence and have to rent a storage unit since that’s more convenient for them. For these kinds of people, storage units in Brighton may be a lifesaver.

It All Depends on the Space Size

There is a big opportunity in the storage units industry to construct storage units with various degrees of floor space because people may need a storage unit for different kinds of things. So a storage unit could become the second home for small stuff, such as baby prams, old cribs, and old clothes.

On the other hand, some people may need bigger space because their stuff is quite big such as motorcycles, bicycles, and even jet skis and small boats.

Though theoretically, you can put in all of your preferred stuff, the landlord who owns the storage unit may impose some limits as to what a renter could stash in. So be prepared to answer a landlord’s questions about what you intend to store in that space.

Cost of Renting a Storage Unit in Brighton

The size of the storage space you will be renting will dictate how much you will be paying the landlord. So, you may cast a quick look over the storage unit company’s website to see what floor space is for each kind of storage unit. Most of the time, you will need to contact the company’s customer service staff to ask them to quote a price.

What Activities Can Be Done Within a Storage Unit?

Basically, a storage unit can be rented only to stash your things in. Customers are not allowed to live, sleep, or do other activities other than the storage of things within the unit. If you are in doubt as to whether you can rent a storage unit for additional living space, consult the contract being offered by the landlord.

One reason you are limited to using your storage unit for storage is that there are no electrical systems within the storage unit. So you can’t use power tools or other machines within the storage unit itself. You are also barred from turning your storage unit into a gym or for similar functions. Storage managers have to be strict about this.

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What Items Are Permitted Inside Storage Units?

There is a lot of stuff that you cannot stash in your Brighton storage unit. Examples of banned items are

  • Living creatures such as pets
  • Food, especially the perishable kind
  • Fireworks and similar combustible and unstable items
  • Dangerous chemicals
  • Items used by security agencies and military forces including firearms, ammunition, and explosives
  • Illegal items including smuggled objects
  • Valuable items that could be a liability for your landlord including money and jewellery
  • Trash and other waste materials, especially any kind of food ingredients that will bring in vermin

How to Optimize Your Storage Unit Rental

Since you now know that your storage unit rental comes with some pre-conditions, you can start using the unit the right way. Remember that these conditions were set by your landlord to protect his investment and to help you lessen the likelihood of problems cropping up later on.

Be sure that the contract you will be signing covers any inconveniences that may happen. If this is your first time signing such a contract, it is ideal to have a lawyer go over the contract with you. That way, you won’t get into legal trouble for unforeseen violations of the contract.

Check also if you have friends and family who are allowed to use your storage unit. Some landlords are strict about confining usage of the rental unit to the person who signed the contract. This is also helpful since your guest might not know how to use a storage unit and do some damage to it, even accidentally.

Try to keep the storage unit’s contents neat and tidy. This way, you won’t have to do a general cleaning of the storage unit in case some stuff were spilt before you locked the door.

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