What’s the brand Bogist C1 Pro Electric Scooter do you know?

Individuals looking for reasonably priced, comfortable, high-technological electric scooters for 2022 can find the best Aovo pro e-scooters at aovostore. The Bogist C1 pro electric scooter is styled to be user-friendly, easy to use, safe to use, and elegant.

The Aovo electric scooter Bogist C1 pro is for all types of adults; you can use it if you are a fun-loving person, or an adventurous or computing individual. The highly-powerful battery supports its mileage and range. If you’ve decided already, you can use ‘Rick10 to avail a discount.

Read on to find out what the Bogist C1 Pro Electric Scooter brings to the table.

Benefit Of Choosing Bogist C1 Pro Electric Scooter

Are you wondering whether to spend money buying this scooter with a seat or not? Continue to read and know the features and benefits of the Bogist C1 pro electric scooter.


Riding on a busy street or a rough surface is only possible when the rider has confidence in the safety features of the scooter. To ensure riders’ safety “Bogist c1 Pro” comes with an installed E-breaking system.

The E-breaking system is aimed to apply breaks immediately whenever needed. It allows you to stop anywhere necessary in case of an emergency. No matter how fast you ride, the braking system is reliable and enables you to stop the vehicle before any accident.

For additional safety, the e-scooter has 10” inflatable tires, these large tires are steady and provide stability to the scooter. The overall balance of the vehicle improves, enabling the rider to experience a smooth and safe ride on both smooth and rough surfaces. You can use the discount code ‘Rick20’ on the checkout process to further sweeten the deal.

Great Motor And High Speed

The motor plays a significant role in the selection of the scooter and the type of terrain the vehicle will move smoothly. An average motor, with 250-350 Watt power ratings is effective for riding on a scooter on a smooth surface. However, this much power is not sufficient for rough terrain.

Fortunately, Bogist C1 Pro is available in the market with its 500W power supply; you can ride on a 20 degree elevated angle on a hill using the scooter safely. During climbing the hill, the scooter moves at an impressive speed.

LED Lights

For your safety, the Bogist electric scooter comes with an attached LED light to make your way visible during the dark. These lights are located above the front wheel.

Efficient Long-Lasting Battery 

Usually, scooters have short-lasting batteries, and riders are in worry about reach destination before the battery runs out. With the Bogist, you will be tension free as it comes with a long-lasting battery. It requires five to ten hours of charging, and after that, you can ride thirty to forty miles without stopping.

Customer Satisfaction

The shipping of the electric scooter occurs within 3 to 8days. A Fourteen-days return guarantee is provided, and the product is thoroughly-tested before dispatching. To enhance customer satisfaction, the company provides 180 days warranty. During this time, you are not to provide for the repairing bills, anything necessary will go through a replacement for free during the 180 days of purchase.

Maximum Speed

The maximum speed that the Bogist C1 Pro can reach is over 28 mph or above 45km/h. the long-lasting battery and high-speed range enable the rider of this e-scooter to travel long distances within a short duration without the need to stop charging the battery.

Padded Comfortable Seat And Close Design 

The padded seat is detachable; you can enjoy the ride with and without the seat when necessary. The compact design of the e-scooter makes it usable in alleys and cycling routes. Bogist C1 Pro is light weighted, portable, foldable, and requires low maintenance cost.


The Bogist C1 Pro is a capable e-scooter that packs both power and stability to make it an excellent choice. You can use the discount code ‘Rick30’ to further decrease the total payout and get even more value for your money.

Andrew Mcaffrey
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