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For anyone interested in investing without having the basics of what to do, online trading platforms or trading sites make it easy for you to multiply your wealth. There are many trading platforms over the internet available to UK investors. Though the online trading platforms are many, not all of them will be beneficial to an investor which is why you need to understand their weaknesses and strengths. Before picking a platform, an investor needs to know what type of an account they want to invest with.

Types of Online Trading Platforms

Desktop Based Online Trading Platforms

These are online trading platforms that allow you to use a PC or Mac via a normal browser at any place with network connection. These online trading platforms can only be accessed via devices where they are installed and are not friendly to mobile investors.

Mobile Online Trading Platforms

These are platforms that are offered as applications which allow the investor to trade regardless of their location. They are available for a number of operating systems making it easy for distant transactions such as a UK trader in the Australian market.

Costs to Consider Before Picking a Site

Once you have established the type of online trading you would want to do, the next step is picking site. When analysing the best online trading platform to use, the first thing to consider is the cost. This is because the costs charged per site impact on profits reaped per transaction.  Below are some of the costs an investor ought to consider before picking n online trading platform;

Transaction Costs

This refers to the commission charged by brokers for trading assistance. Different trading platforms offer different costs. Choose one that favors your budget and investment.

Account Minimums

This is the money needed in the account by the broker from the online trading platform. Be sure to ensure that the minimum account does not write off your investment in case of market changes and risky transactions.

Additional Costs

If the online trading platform offers extra services, inquire about the extra costs incurred. Pick accounts that offer free extra features such as trading and educational services.

Choosing an Online Trading Platform

If you have a broker, the broker holds the responsibility of offering you various forex trading platforms to choose from. Once you choose an online trading platform, be sure to ensure that the site has features that allow you easy navigation without constant need for support services. The most common features of reliable online trading platforms are such as the following;

Forex Analysis Tools

A good trading platform offers forex indicators and charts which make the investors work easy. They are essential for any trader seeking updates on the current market which help in spotting the best investment opportunities. The more the analysis tools, the higher the benefit to an investor.

Reliable Order Placement

For the online trading platform to work, be sure that the site allows you to place all trade orders consistently and in a reliable, efficient manner.


To place your orders, the platform needs to be safe considering there is personal information involved; any breach could affect you hugely. The online trading platform you choose to work with should be safe enough to ensure that whatever you do online is only accessible to you.

Automated Features

Ability to trade automatically is any trader’s dream which means this is a must have feature for each site. This feature helps mitigate downtimes and poor network.


Feeds about data should be displayed on the online trading platform in line with the market. With the best technology and technical help, the price feeds should make trading easy for you.

Research Tools

These are crucial to traders since they make it easy for them to do quick searches on companies, currencies, and financial metrics. The research tools are also way to gain access to reports from trade experts as opposed to checking the internet.

Technical and Administrative Support

Online tools often have issues that need consulting which means that availability of support is crucial. This support could be through phone, email or internet support. Choose the easiest and most convenient especially if you are trading for UK but are as far as Australia. The direct and prompt internet support is the best since it saves you time and money and is convenient over long distances.

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