What’s the Best Mobile Phone Brand for Business?

From email to scheduling and task management, smartphones are vitals tools for a huge range of work-related tasks.

While BlackBerry used to rule the roost of business smartphones, times, needs and tastes have changed significantly over the past decade. Today, most of the top business smartphones come from hardware-focused brands like Samsung, Apple and OnePlus.

Below, we’ve compared four of the best smartphones on the market to find the ultimate mobile phone brand for business users.

To compare the phones listed below, we looked at a variety of factors, ranging from price and performance to battery life, design and durability (even though you’ll protect your smartphone with business mobile phone insurance).


Samsung is arguably the best mobile phone brand for business users today, with two models that are clearly designed with business people and power users in mind.

The first of Samsung’s business-focused phones is the Galaxy S8 Plus. The company’s current flagship, the Galaxy S8 Plus features a huge 6.2” screen with a 1440×2960 resolution, making it perfect for reading documents, writing emails and browsing the web.

The S8 Plus is also fast and capable, with 6GB of RAM and an octa-core CPU. Add up to 256 gigabytes of storage space, a 3500mAh battery and a light 173 gram weight into the equation and the S8 is arguably the ultimate business smartphone.

Samsung also makes one of the best productivity-focused smartphones on the market in the form of the Galaxy Note 8.

Slightly larger than the S8 Plus, the Galaxy Note 8 has a 6.3” display with a 2630×1440 screen resolution. The large screen makes reading and responding to emails a breeze, while the S Pen stylus makes the S8 Plus ideal for jotting down notes and using productivity apps.

Similar to the S8 Plus, the Galaxy Note 8 has 6GB of RAM and an impressive 3300mAh battery, letting it run smoothly throughout the day. It also features dual 12MP rear cameras, making it an excellent phone for snapping photos and recording important events.


Forget the beautiful iPhone X — if you’re a business user, you’ll get far more bang for your buck with the iPhone 8. Compact, powerful and built to extremely high standards, the iPhone 8 is an extremely reliable smartphone that’s great for everyday business use.

Key advantages of the iPhone 8 include its timeless design, convenient wireless charging and good battery life. The water resistant body also means the iPhone 8 is one of the most durable smartphones on the market, making it ideal for in-field use or as a business travel smartphone.

Add Apple’s user-friendly operating system and great range of native apps into the mix and the iPhone 8 stands out as one of the best business smartphones on the market, especially if you use Apple computer hardware in the workplace.


Designed for a combination of power and affordability, the OnePlus 5 is one of the best budget business phones on the market right now.

It costs less than £500 in basic form, delivers incredible performance, has a fantastic 3300mAh battery and comes with 6GB or 8GB of RAM, making it more than enough of a powerhouse for regular business use.

Add a completely unmolested version of Android into the equation and the OnePlus 5 is a great phone for business users looking for a more “pure” Android experience than what’s available on Samsung smartphones.

Elliot Preece
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