Build a Stronger Team in 2019

How You Can Bring Your Workers Together

If you want to increase productivity and drive up profits, then look at how well your team work together first.

Have you got big plans for your company in 2019? Then it’s time to think about building the best possible team for the job. After all, you could have the best service or product in the world, but without a strong team behind it, it won’t go anywhere. To help you move forward, here are four ways to build a stronger team in the coming months.

Appreciate everyone equally

No team is greater than the sum of their parts, and that’s why every team member should be valued and appreciated. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook those who aren’t making executive decisions or aren’t working full time, but they are still making a really valid contribution to the success of your business. So if you don’t do so already, take the time to encourage everyone and thank them for their hard work on a regular basis. This will inspire loyalty within your team, and staff will be motivated to work that little bit harder for you.

Team building activities

Investing in team building activities is a really good way of getting your staff to work better together. For the most innovative, fun and effective activities, get in touch with Zing Events team building company. For a number of years, Zing have been the go-to people for the most imaginative team building events in London and Essex. You and your staff will be able to take part in baking competitions, treasure hunts, obstacle courses and even cocktail making classes! The days of boring team building conferences are well and truly over. Now, you’ll all have so much fun – and that’s much more effective for office relationships.

Communicate effectively

It’s so important to communicate effectively with every member of your team. It’s hard for people to work well together when they aren’t being given the same information – so try to maintain a really high level of transparency. Having a short group meeting on a daily or even weekly basis will allow you to share your feedback and upcoming goals with your entire team – and then they will be able to discuss what you have said amongst themselves and go on to delegate tasks and work together with ease.

Organise regular get-togethers

No one is expecting your entire team to be best friends with each other, but making the time to socialise outside of work could help you all to appreciate each other as people rather than just as the roles you have in the office. A monthly trip to the pub or a local restaurant will allow you to all get to know each other a little better, and it will give everyone something to look forward to as well. Getting to know the people you work with helps you to understand their ways of working, and this will allow you all to give better feedback and constructive criticism in the future.

Together, anything is possible

Now that you know how to build a stronger team for 2019, why not start to make those changes today? We all have a New Year’s resolution or two, but just a few small tweaks and a little investment will see your team totally transformed. So make these changes ones that you will keep up all year, not just for a few weeks!

Claire James
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