Reaching the Next Level: 4 Tips for Getting Good Monsters in Summoners War

Summoners War has a steep learning curve for beginners. It takes time to master the complexities and intricacies required to be successful and create an awe-inspiring army.

However, this learning curve can be scaled far quicker if beginner players get access to good monsters at the earliest opportunity. Here we explore four tips for getting good monsters in Summoners War to bolster your army and enhance your in-game experience.

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Build an Arcane Tower Early

Arcane towers allow the Arena feature once you reach level 5. The arena is essential for maintaining a regular flow of summoning scrolls. Without the arena feature, you have to complete missions and carry out other regular activities to obtain scrolls. These are often time-consuming and arduous, offering small rewards for significant time invested in the game.

The Arena allows you to gain medals through winning battles. You can then trade these medals in for summoning scrolls. You can also use these medals to buy Devilmons, one of the rarest monsters in the game.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild is another way to ensure a regular stream of summoning scrolls. Daily check-ins and the completion of achievements as part of a guild earn you guild medals, which can be traded in the guild shop for scrolls.

By accumulating more summoning scrolls, both through your Arena victories and through your guild, you will be able to carry out more summons each day.

Use the Loot Tables

Before you complete a mission, you need to look at the loot table to see what monsters you are able to farm from that mission. If you are looking for a specific three-star monster, you need to know where you can find it.

Because the rewards from each mission are totally random, there is no guarantee that completing that mission will earn you the desired monster. You may have to complete the same mission many times to secure your monster. However, if you are farming in the wrong place, you’ll never get that three-star monster you crave.

Focus on Belladeon (Light Inugami)

Many of the best players in the arena use Belladeon because she adds so much to your army’s arsenal. She has solid defense rebuff capabilities, beneficial effect removal and with an ATB increase can offer an AoB heal. All of these skills make her an integral part of many players’ armies. You can secure her by keeping an eye out for the Light Inugami secret dungeon on Hall of Light days.

By employing these tips, you should see yourself develop very quickly as a Summoner War player and bolster the might of your army in a relatively short space of time. Like anything, the game is designed to reward players that put the most time and effort into it, but you want to make sure you are maximizing your time and working towards securing better monsters and improving the monsters you have.

Claire James
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