What to Look for When Buying a Brand New Tablet

One of the fundamental reasons for buying a new tablet is that you want a device that is powerful enough and offers the right amount of features but is also compact and portable.

The default option is normally 10 inch tablets, which are considered to be just the right size for ease of use and you should be able to find a make and model that is loaded with all sorts of useful features.

It can be a challenge to decide which tablet is best for you, so here is a look at some of the key points to consider when buying a new tablet.

Do you want a convertible tablet?

One of the first questions you need to answer is whether you want a standard tablet or a convertible version.

The aim of a convertible device is to offer you the flexibility and functionality of a PC combined with the obvious convenience attached to a tablet.

You can get a convertible tablet that comes with a detachable keyboard, allowing you to either use the device like a PC or something more portable.

Finding the right size

You can get tablets that range in size from either 7-inches up to 13-inches but the optimum size tends to be 10-inches as anything smaller is not that easy to see or use comfortably and anything larger tends to be too bulky.

If you go for anything larger than 10-inches you are wandering into laptop territory and that’s a different thing altogether.

Choosing an operating system

Another fundamental decision you have to make is which operating system you want your tablet to have.

You can have either Android, which is Google’s mobile operating system, in reality, Windows 10, the newest version of Microsoft Windows, or Apple’s operating system.

You will probably have your preferences already and the only practical point to note is that if you are leaning toward buying a convertible tablet the Windows system behaves in much the same ways as a PC with lots of keyboard and mouse functions, making it a sensible choice for that reason alone.

What do you plan to use your tablet for?

In order to determine what sort of tablet and specification you go for, you need to consider what you will be mainly using the tablet for.

If you are just wanting a tablet that you can use for convenience at home to browse the internet you don’t need to spend over the top on a hi-spec model.

If the tablet is going to help you with your work you will want a model that is robust, offers a decent screen size to work on (10-inch is ideal) and offers plenty of features that you will find useful.

If your tablet is for gaming, an iPad would probably be a good choice considering iOS is the default gaming operating system in many cases. Also, you will want plenty of processing power to ensure that your tablet is able to perform perfectly with each game you play.

Once you have answered all of these relevant questions you will be well on your way to narrowing down your options and finding the right tablet for your needs.

Claire James
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