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Global Cloud Team – Is Your OutstaffTeam for custom web and software development. Our principles: responsibility for the result and high quality requirements. Technological Solutions for You by Global Cloud Team

Global Cloud Team offers complex technological solutions for customers globally with a specific focus on serving the USA, Canada, and UK clients. We have rich experience in software engineering and provide a full cycle work on creating custom software and apps, including their design, development, testing, further support, and modernization. Our team consists of only the most talented IT specialist from around the world. 

The team of professional IT engineers of our company assists in choosing the most optimal solution for your company. Every project is created following the requirements of the customer. By utilizing our onshore, nearshore, and offshore software engineers and infrastructure, we help companies save a significant amount of money on research and development. Our work is done: 

Technologically – modern tools, technologies, and development procedures;
Effectively – short implementation time, so you can get critical functionality earlier and start capitalizing it;
Professionally – knowledgeable software engineers with extensive experience working on projects for international companies of various complexity and specifics.
We are ready to develop software from scratch, exclusively for your needs. Our development experience allows us to write software of any complexity. Thanks to the continuous improvement of skills and the development of new methods, our on-demand specialists will create a high-quality product that meets all requirements. 

Outstaffing your project offers greater control, over 40% reduction in the research and development cost and full consistency in the development workflow thanks to our dedicated and proficient team and digital capabilities. Global Cloud Team’s area of expertise lies in the development of multi-level enterprise solutions in areas such as:

Secure digital technology with DevSecOps
Service-oriented platform development 
Big Data analytics with consultation and implementation
Quality Assurance scanning and testing
Mobile Development (iOS/Android)
Development of positive user experience
Solution architecture for financial, hospitality, entertainment, transportation, energy and other markets 
Our projects include over 50 mobile apps, from simple to complex apps for blockchain-based crypto wallets, financial companies, and social networks. Global Cloud Team also developed many highly scalable distributed service platforms with the largest one supporting up to 5 thousand updates per second and serving millions of end-users. 

Our team also has vast experience in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, real-time trading applications, and providing user experience both on the web and mobile devices. Global Cloud Team DevSecOps specialists have also helped many companies to increase their ROI and stay ahead of their competitors. 

Global Cloud Team has what it takes from technological capabilities to knowledgeable and experienced staff to transform your idea into a real product that will do your business to the next level. We take your approach, work on it with you, and then develop and optimize the product to ensure your complete satisfaction and its future successful implementation. 

Thanks to the established process that we adjust as necessary, we can complete the project with minimum need to redo and rewrite substantial portions of the project, which translates into time and cost-efficiency. Thus, if you know what you want to get in the end, then Global Cloud Team can help you make it happen!

Claire James
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