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Lance Ranger, Attendus Company AG director and practicing solicitor, leads a company that deals with complex legal issues, simplifying complicated legal procedures and processes and providing clients with security and continuity for greater freedom of choice and peace of mind.

With a strong emphasis on quality of services, Attendus focuses not only on performing the specific services requested by clients but also on managing overall business processes, assessing each client’s unique needs and risks and anticipating future requirements. Attendus staff strive to build close relationships with clients, enabling colleagues to achieve maximum coverage of their specific requirements and objectives. Attendus activities are firmly rooted in a result-driven, proactive approach to meeting the individual needs of each and every client.

For high-net-worth individuals estate planning is crucial, essentially providing a roadmap to ensure their wishes are followed should they pass away or be unable to make decisions for themselves. Estate planning is an umbrella term that is used to describe a variety of different legal instruments that help to outline how an individual would like their assets and possessions to be distributed. They can also be used to convey the testator’s wishes beyond financial considerations, such as who they would like to care for their children or pets in the event of their death or incapacity, or to outline their healthcare wishes.

An estate plan is important in terms of mitigating the risk of assets falling into legal limbo, potentially for decades, and avoiding unnecessary burdens being placed on heirs and other family members left with the responsibility of distributing the deceased’s estate.

Leveraging a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience of law, trusts, due diligence and company administration, Attendus provides practical, workable solutions, applying the utmost professionalism and care in all undertakings. A number of the organisation’s professionals are members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP), a global professional body for the trust and estate profession. In addition, Attendus is also a member of the Association de Brecourt, a global network that covers a variety of professional services for tax, accountancy, management and audit advice.

Attendus is committed to continual improvement, conducting stringent quality control of its processes and procedures. Attendus invests in its personnel, encouraging continual development though professional studies, as well as providing sophisticated systems technology.

Attendus staff assess each client’s objectives through ongoing and secure communication, using this information and understanding of their unique needs to design, build and participate in the implementation of personalised solutions to provide maximum benefit for each client.

As a specialist in helping families manage their international assets, Attendus liaises with both international and local tax advisors in the implementation of optimised planning solutions to proactively and efficiently pass assets from one generation to the next, structuring wealth so that it may be enjoyed by future generations rather than becoming a burden.

Attendus also has a long track record of working with both public and private companies, helping them to achieve a variety of different goals, from maximising returns to incentivising staff internally. Recognising that the needs of corporate clients can be varied and diverse, Attendus strives to fulfil the full expectations of each and every client it serves.

The company also provides clients, including financial intermediaries, with a wide range of extended support services, from back-office bookkeeping services to confidential salary administration. Attendus adopts a flexible approach that complements each professional partner’s resources in a safe and non-competitive environment.

Maintaining a global network of trusted professional advisors, Attendus is able to utilise its wealth of knowledge to ensure swift, efficient and discreet services to its clients at all times. Attendus clients benefit from the dedication of the company’s team of experienced professionals, receiving responsive, high-quality services in a cost-efficient and timely manner. New markets are continually being reviewed, with changes in case law and legislation continually monitored to ensure the availability of optimised services and solutions for clients.

Attendus provides advice on a variety of different aspects of the law, implementing a wide range of legal solutions to meet the varied needs of its clients, including:

  • Trusts, Companies and Foundations, advising on jurisdiction and structure, and dealing with drafting, set-up and administration
  • Legal Services, including inheritance law, wills and testaments, succession planning, executorships, family law, commercial law and contract law
  • Employee Benefits Schemes, including implementation and administration
  • Business Services, including secretarial services, escrow agents, nominee services, confidential salary administration, bookkeeping and accountancy, advising on banking matters, and liaising with and coordinating the work of tax advisors, lawyers, banks, auditors, portfolio managers and other specialists

A fully independent and privately owned company, Attendus is based in Zug, Switzerland. A globally active family law office and fiduciary company, Attendus was established in 1987 and has grown to become a major force in Switzerland’s financial services sector. Attendus specialises in fiduciary and legal matters, as well as the day-to-day administration of trusts, companies, foundations and structures for inheritance planning.

Claire James
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