Insights Into South Africa’s Growing Software Development Industry

As the world increasingly transforms into a digital experience, web and software development is flourishing rapidly. South Africa is one of the best examples of the fastest-growing software development market in the midst of the global tech revolution. The African nation has proven its potential as a technological innovator, paving the way for the disruptive delivery of reliable and best-performing software solutions.

In this blog, we will explore more about South Africa’s software industry.

The Rising Demand for Software Developers in South Africa.

As of 2018, software development is one of the most in-demand jobs in South Africa. Not much has changed since then. The country has secured attention from the world’s leading software companies in South Africa, like IBM, Google, and many more, thus fueling the demand for software engineers.

In addition, software developers play a significant role in driving the digital economy by developing mobile apps, web apps, and other types of software systems. The industry demands professionals with a solid knowledge of programming languages like Python, Java, and JavaScript. And as of 2023, C#’s popularity has increased amongst South African developers. These professionals also need excellent problem-solving skills and collaboration abilities.

Software Market Revenue in South Africa

  • In 2020, the country’s software market made total revenues of $3.5bn, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1.4% from 2016.
  • The revenue in the software market is expected to hit US$2.44bn in 2023.
  • The country’s office software market revenue is projected to show a CAGR of 2.50% between 2023 and 2028 , creating a market volume of US$118.90m by 2028.
  • Enterprise software leads South Africa’s software market with an estimated market volume of US$1.01bn in 2023.
  • The revenue is mainly driven by productivity software, enterprise software, B2B, B2C and B2G software, application development software, and more.

South Africa has Reached the Global Tech Stage.

While South Africa has attracted substantial offshore investment, many of the country’s homegrown software brands are challenging globally. Over the past decade, the Rainbow Nation has generated a fair share of domestic disruptive tech companies working globally.

In light of recent trends, it is safe to say that the South African tech industry is set to make a momentous mark soon. As the digital population keeps growing and shifting, South Africa’s tech presence on the global stage looks to only increase and intensify.

Prepared for the Possibilities

Home to many reputable software companies and budding start-ups, South Africa has the potential to be one of the world’s leaders in the software market.

As per the OfferZen 2022 State of the Software Developer Nation report, Africa’s software engineering market witnessed unprecedented growth in 2021. In the country alone, 89 tech start-ups raised more than R5 billion together, resulting in more companies hiring software developers, demonstrating the proactivity and potential of the industry.

As we see, South Africa is witnessing significant growth in its tech and software market. Professionals like software engineers and developers with relevant skills are in high demand. Despite a few challenges, the government and private sector are working together to bring opportunities for upskilling and career advancement, furthering the growth of the country’s digital economy. So, the future of the software market in South Africa seems bright.

Catherine Pearson
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