Leisure Lakes Bikes builds new partnership with the British Heart Foundation on milestone year

A Leyland-based cycling business has announced a charity partnership with the British Heart Foundation (BHF), in the year both organisations mark milestone birthdays.Leisure Lakes Bikes, which turns 40 later this year, has named the BHF as its charity of the year, just ahead of charity’s 60th birthday this week (28th July).

The retailer, which operates from 10 locations across the UK and has a large online bike store, is pledging to raise £25,000 for the BHF over the next 12 months. The money raised will help the BHF fund lifesaving research into heart and circulatory conditions such as coronary heart disease, stroke, vascular dementia and their risk factors, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Emma Dickinson, BHF’s Fundraising Manager, said: “We are honoured and excited to announce this partnership with Leisure Lakes Bikes. In the lead up to our 60th birthday, I would like to say a huge thank you.

“The impact of Covid-19 meant our investment in new research had to be halved last year, so this generous fundraising pledge from Leisure Lakes Bikes will make a huge difference to our life saving work.

“Without our vital charity partners, the BHF would not be able to continue funding medical breakthroughs and helping the 7.6 million people across the UK who are currently living with heart and circulatory diseases.”

Leisure Lakes Bikes was founded in 1981 by brothers Tim and Chris Noy. The business has grown from humble beginnings, starting off as a small windsurfing business at Leisure Lakes between Preston & Southport. When the wind was down, people brought their bikes to go cycling instead, and from there the brothers started selling bikes themselves!

As well as raising money during the year, employees can also participate in a number of BHF-supported health and wellbeing engagement activities, to ensure a healthier workforce. One of the partnership aims is to stretch this into the communities they serve.

Tim Noy, Director of Leisure Lakes Bikes, said “The British Heart Foundation provides key support for those suffering from heart & circulatory diseases. For our 40th anniversary we wanted to partner with a great cause to help celebrate our history while also helping to make a difference for those in need.

“Over the coming year, we’ll be organising special fundraising events across our stores, with the aim of raising £25,000 to support more research to save and improve the lives of those who are living with heart and circulatory disease in the UK. We want to thank all our staff who are getting behind the BHF cause – we can’t wait to start fundraising!”

People can also donate online by visiting www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/britishheartfoundation/leisurelakesbikes2021

Anyone interested in fundraising for the BHF can contact Emma Dickinson, BHF’s Fundraising Manager, by emailing dickinsone@bhf.org.uk or calling 07823 354112.


For more information, contact Lee Kettle from the BHF’s Media Team on 07741 908365 or email kettlel@bhf.org.uk

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With donations from the public, the BHF funds ground-breaking research that will get us closer than ever to a world free from the fear of heart and circulatory diseases. A world where broken hearts are mended, where millions more people survive a heart attack, where the number of people dying from or disabled by a stroke is slashed in half. A world where people affected by heart and circulatory diseases get the support they need. And a world of cures and treatments we can’t even imagine today. We are backing the best ideas, the brightest minds and the biggest ambitions – because that’s how we’ll beat heartbreak forever.

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