What Are Your Rights if Your Flight Gets Cancelled in the UK?

Having issues with your flight is not a new thing, whether it is delayed or cancelled or something goes wrong while you’re travelling. In 2017, more than a million passengers were recorded to have had severe flight delays and it hasn’t gotten significantly better over the years. Another report revealed a 72 percent increase in delays since 2018, with hundreds of thousands of passengers caught out.

There will always be flight delays and cancellations. However, knowing your flight right can make a whole lot of difference for you because it tells you what to do if you ever find yourself in such situations. 

There are laws that give you a right to reimbursements and compensations should you deal with flight delays and cancellations. Companies like Flightright are committed to helping airline passengers get full compensation after a delayed or cancelled flight.

Are You Eligible?

The law is specific to certain flights or airlines. You will be eligible for compensation if your flight is:

  • Departing from a UK or an EU airport regardless of the airline. 
  • Arriving at a UK airport with a UK or EU airline.
  • Arriving in the EU with a UK airline.


Other things to consider include if your airline informed you of the delay, how long the delay was, and if they did anything within that period to compensate you. If the flight was cancelled, you will only be eligible for compensation if you were informed less than 14 days to the day of departure.

What Are You Entitled to?

You can claim compensation for flight cancellation if it’s the airline’s fault. However, if the cancellation was beyond the airline’s control such as a bad weather condition, you will be entitled to a replacement flight, rebooking, or a ticket refund. In cases where all conditions are met such as getting short notice, the airline is to blame and your flight isn’t rebooked, you will be entitled to both compensation and a refund. 


If your flight isn’t cancelled but delayed, you don’t have to suck it up and move on. If you get to your destination more than three hours late and it’s the airline’s fault, you are entitled to free drinks and snacks. 

Consider the Length of the Flight

The amount you are entitled to depend on the length of the flight you booked. It is calculated based on Short distances, Medium distances, and Long distances. 


  • Short distances up to 1500km: €250 compensation
  • Medium distances up to 3500km: €400 compensation
  • Long distances more than 3500km: €600 compensation


You can calculate how much your compensation will be worth by measuring the distance of the cancelled flight. 

Are there Extraordinary Circumstances?

There might be cases where you meet all the requirements and still can’t get compensation. This includes when the cause of the cancellation isn’t the fault of the airline. These extraordinary circumstances may include bad weather conditions, airport or border closures as experienced during the COVID19 outbreak, natural disasters, and more. 

Bottom Line

Knowing your flight right can change a lot for you and your future travels. So, the next time your flight gets delayed or cancelled, you now know the next best steps to take. 

Claire James
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