Best Tips to Maintain a Plastic Free Home

Approximately 100,000 marine creatures and one million marine birds are killed each year by plastic pollution. In addition, plastic waste breaks down into little harmful particles that poison our water supply and infiltrate our food chain as it degrades. Today, it’s almost impossible to live without some kind of plastic product.

While certain single-use plastic goods are required, most have just lately been brought into our daily lives for the sake of ease. We believe it is time to re-evaluate our preoccupation with convenience and place a higher value on environmentally friendly, sustainable options. To reduce the amount of plastic garbage produced by your daily habits, you just need to make a few little adjustments to your routine.

Some Simple Suggestions to Reduce your dependence on plastic

Bring Your Bag When You Shop

For the most part, plastic bags are only used for a few minutes before they are thrown away and decompose in the environment for hundreds of years. Most of us possess reusable bags, but remembering to bring them with us when we need them is difficult. Whether in your purse, laptop bag, coat pocket, or glove compartment, reusable bags may serve as a convenient reminder.

Avoid using plastic bags when you forget and check if you can do it without. However, we don’t even need to pack the most of the time, as soon as you’ve mastered the practice of always bringing your reusable bag, attempt pushing your local community to do the same!

Make Use of Reusable Water Containers

So, when we purchase bottled water, we have less confidence in its purity than if we were to consume tap water, which is more tightly monitored. In addition, plastic water bottles contain chemicals that leach into the water, especially if they are used more than once or kept in direct sunlight for an extended period, which might have occurred during transport.

Refilling your water bottle with tap water at home, work, the gym, or even at a neighbourhood café is the healthiest and most environmentally responsible alternative. If you explain your environmental motives, most individuals will agree to refill. To make you feel more at ease, you may even offer to pay for a glass of water. Since we don’t want to put our food and drink in plastic containers, stainless steel or glass water bottles with silicone sleeves have become our go-to reusable water bottles.

A plastic water bottle that can be used repeatedly will help reduce the amount of waste caused by the billions of single-use plastic water bottles discarded each day around the world. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of them is recycled, and the rest cannot be effectively removed from our waste disposal infrastructure.

Lunch should be brought from home in a reusable container

When going on an outdoor excursion, whether to a park or the beach, you should always bring a lunch from home. Making your lunch can save you money, and you’ll also be more likely to eat healthily since you won’t be tempted to purchase anything when you’re already hungry! However, the most compelling argument for us to carry our lunch is that ordering takeout entails much single-use plastic packaging.

Plastic sandwich bags and plastic cling film do not make our prepared meal more environmentally friendly than a takeout. Instead, stainless steel bento boxes and snack pots, stainless steel thermos food pots, reusable sandwich bags, and beeswax food wrap are excellent options for a waste-free lunch.

Refrain from using plastic straws and utensils

It is estimated that disposable plastic cutlery and straws account for around one-third of global plastic pollution. Unfortunately, like single-use bags and bottles, most single-use utensils and straws are tossed away after only a few minutes before they end up in landfills, rivers, or the atmosphere. It is, however, quite simple to develop the habit of always having a set of silverware with you and leaving a spare set in the vehicle.

Many solutions are available, and you don’t necessarily need to pay a penny. For example, a napkin and rubber band might be all that is needed to keep your stainless-steel knives, forks, and spoons (or chopsticks!) in order. Depending on what works best for you and your needs, there are other options, such as a spork, bamboo cutlery, or stainless-steel silverware in a travel case. To avoid using straws altogether, go for a stainless steel or paper straw that can be washed and reused several times.

Glass jars are ideal for storing leftovers

Our preference is not to use plastic containers for food storage because of the potential of contaminants seeping into the food, particularly if the food is either hot or frozen. For many years, we’ve been using glass jars for food storage, but recently, we’ve discovered that instead of throwing them away or recycling them, we can use them for a variety of purposes, including keeping leftovers in the fridge, freezing cooked or uncooked food, storing dry goods in our cupboards, as takeout containers, and for bringing our lunch to work or on our travels.

There are many different types of containers available, but you’ll quickly discover which ones work best for your needs. You may even end yourself purchasing a brand of jam or condiment because of the container it comes in rather than its contents! The wide-mouthed mason jars you have on hand may be useful for various things. If you have more plastic waste in-home, hire the rubbish removal professionals in London and for the cost-effective rubbish removal, you can also hire professional Rubbish Removal in London.

Final Thoughts

Our friends and family don’t need to hear us lecture them about their lifestyle choices, but it’s helpful to explain to them why we’re making the lifestyle changes we are: to lessen our impact on the issue of plastic pollution. It is important to talk about it to promote awareness of the problem and encourage people to adopt certain waste-reducing behaviours. Making an effort to limit your consumption of single-use plastic should be enjoyable. While it’s undeniably a significant issue that will need a great deal of effort over the coming several decades, it’s not productive to dwell on the negative aspects of the situation. Express Waste Removals in London is one of the best rubbish removal companies which collects wastes from different sources in London and safely dispose of them.

Claire James
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