Conrad Energy, the largest flexible power producer in the UK, continues to put supporting the transition to a low carbon economy at the heart of their strategic plans.

Conrad Energy are delighted to have been awarded a stability pathfinder contract with National Grid ESO to help enable the operation of the UK’s national electricity transmission network with zero-carbon by 2025 and to set up the UK to deliver a net zero electricity system from 2035.

Sonia Quiterio, Conrad Energy’s New Business Director, said:

“This contract award represents a major win to support the UK’s net zero strategy and stabilise the UK’s electricity network. This technology will provide stability services for at least 30 years. These contracts will keep building strong foundations for us to deliver a better world for generations to come.“

Julian Leslie, ESO Head of Networks, said:

“These new contracts represent a major milestone in delivering a low-carbon network for the future and will help support the delivery of our 2025 ambition to be able to operate the network at zero-carbon. These contracts demonstrate the type of savings that can be made and the importance of investing in net zero now in order to unlock benefits for consumers for the future.“

Andrew Mcaffrey
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