Secretlab Omega Review: One of the World’s Best Gaming Chairs

Looking for a supportive, comfortable gaming chair that’s built with performance and quality in mind? The Secretlab Omega is one of the best gaming chairs on the market, offering a mix of outstanding building quality and useful features that appeal to both console and PC gamers.

Secretlab is one of the most well known brands in the gaming chair market. As their flagship, best-selling chair, the 2018 version of the Omega packs all of the company’s technology and design philosophy into a seriously impressive package.

Are you considering the Omega as a PC or console gaming chair? From features to materials, comfort and build quality, we’ve covered every aspect of the Secretlab below to help you make an informed buying decision.


The Omega is one of the most feature-packed gaming chairs on the market. It has a Class 4 hydraulic piston that allows for quick, accurate height adjustment across a large range, letting people of all sizes adjust the Omega to provide a comfortable seating position.

The rear of the chair is filled with cold-cure foam for optimal spine support and comfort, while a memory foam lumbar pillow is included to ensure you maintain healthy posture while you game and avoid injuries.

Add four-directional soft PU-coated armrests, a multi-functional tilt mechanism and a free velour head pillow into the equation and the Omega delivers a huge variety of technology and features for its retail price.

Two brothers created the chairs, see the interview here.


From a design perspective, the Omega ticks all the right boxes. The chair has a classic sports automotive-inspired design, with a solid back reminiscent of the seating found in 70s and 80s sports cars.

The Omega is available in five colour schemes, ranging from stealth black to white, amber and royal blue. All five variations feature high quality PU leather upholstery, with a premium look that sets the Omega apart from less expensive gaming chairs.

Build Quality

The Omega is Secretlab’s flagship chair, making it a showcase product for the brand’s focus on quality. It looks spectacular, feels extremely sturdy and uses high quality materials, making it an excellent option if you want to invest in a gaming chair that’s built to last.

Secretlab provides a two-year warranty for all functional portions of the Omega (meaning rips, aesthetic defects and misuse aren’t covered). From a quality perspective, the Omega is very tough to fault — this is a premium gaming chair that looks and feels like a top notch product.

Overall Rating

The 2018 version of the Secretlab Omega is the best yet. It’s comfortable, stylish, supportive and extremely well made. This is a premium gaming chair sold at a premium price for people who want a reliable, high quality product.

If you care about quality and view your gaming chair as an investment rather than a cost, the Secretlab Omega definitely belongs on your radar.

Elliot Preece
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