If food has been your fervor, then why hesitate to develop on your cooking skills. There can a multiple reasons why someone would choose to be a chef by profession. It is a career choice that is in demand. It is interesting, exciting and rewarding.

The food and hospitality industry has been growing steadily and promises job satisfaction. As a chef, you can specialize on the kinds of food or the type of cuisine you would want to cook, maybe an entrée or desserts or perhaps Mexican or Thai. Check my website for best chef Dubai if you have a passion for cooking and want to challenge yourself.

As an aspiring chef, you can also choose to become an entrepreneur in the same sector. It offers people to explore, be creative and put a smile on people’s face.

In the food service sector, becoming a professional cook seems to be a very lucrative career path. The proliferation of the digital space and social media has also glamorized and made this profession more appealing. However, becoming a good chef is not really a cake-walk. There are certain aspect s that one needs to take into cognizance and reflect on before stepping into their journey of becoming a chef.

No worries! We are here to talk about the basic things that shall help you have a better understanding of what this career option entails. Check my website for best chef Dubai ideas if you are contemplating on becoming a chef.

Aspects to Consider

Along with being rewarding, every career has its tough sides as well. Being a chef entails the same. Let us look into the factors that one should understand about having a career in this field.

If you are passionate about this field and career, it is on you to start getting started with the basic practical experience. Whether you are enrolled in a culinary or pastry school, answer certain questions for yourself.

Physically Intense

Having to attend long hours of shifts inside the kitchen and handling things like stocking of food, giving out commands, lifting heavy and running around to get hundreds of orders done on time can be quite overwhelming and stressful for the body. The kitchen is often in rush with bare amount of breaks. As a chef you would also be expected to put up complicated meals on plate and tackle unpredictable situations with efficiency. All this can be a bit can be straining.

Don’t Fear some Cuts and Burns

Kitchen is place where you can face some cuts and burns when dealing with hot pans or sharp knives. There will be hot stoves burning, a lot of chopping to do and a lot of people moving around with hot food elements. All of it will be burning out your energy as well within the walls of the high temperature. Remember to have a first aid kit around and close ones to help you out with mental stress.

Reduced Social Life

Along with long working hours, chefs often need to work shifts on weekends and holidays as well. A career as a baker or a sous chef will have you in the kitchen during Christmas as well. This will leave you very little time to engage with your family and friends. It is important that you prepare yourself to spend time away from your social life. You will have little or no time to make plans or take your mind off from the professional kitchen. This has often been stated as a major drawback of this profession. However, you do get to build a rapport with your team members and share your experiences with them.

Nature of Payment

Before entering the job market, it is important to have an understanding of the payment situation. Although a sought after profession, chefs do not get paid so well when compared to the long hours. When you are starting out, you shall be paid on an hour basis and it takes years of experience to reach a high-position. Ask yourself if you are ready to put in the consistent work, be open to learning to grow in this field.

Culinary Training

If you are seriously considering working in a professional kitchen, then it is better for you to go through the training process from a certified culinary institution. Acquire the skills and get yourself a degree to make your goal more strong and appealing.

Process the Disappointments

Chefs often lose the fire and passion with which they enter the industry. The pressure, the working hours and lack of growth can get you disappointed. You lose the push and do not get the motivation to try new things and challenge yourself. In such a situation, it is vital for you to remember why you chose this path. Look for new job openings, embrace new techniques and make it more exciting. Tap on your networks to draw the energy and get past the downers.

Make Mistakes and Learn

Like any other professional field, you are likely to make mistakes especially when you are in the entry level of your career. You will have to put in time for the lesser appealing tasks like chopping and cleaning. Remember to handle these steps with humility since cooking is not only a skill but a form of art. Being a chef will keep you constantly, reading, learning and stepping out of your area of comfort.

Job Satisfaction

No matter the difficult pointers, this job will let you unleash your culinary creativities and become a successful chef. Starting as a person who washes the dishes to becoming a line cook, you will learn, gather experiences and curate amazing dishes.


The food service and hospitality field offers a career that expects you to work hard and put in the efforts with little pay at the beginning. Check my website for best chef Dubai and understand how a lot of patience and resilience is required to handle the physical stress and mental breakdowns. All said, being a chef guarantees satisfaction and a recognition of your passion.

Andrew Mcaffrey
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